Garry Cox Releases Third Poetry Book, Coffee with the Bard:2020 Blues

Garry Cox, retired educator and poet released a new poetry book, “Coffee with the Bard: 2020 Blues.” This book provides deep reflections from the challenges of the past year and gives readers hope for the future.

Cox wrote “Coffee with the Bard: 2020 Blues” during the coronavirus pandemic. Rooted in love, this book begins with the poem, I Had a Life, dedicated to the memory of his late wife Bernice.

“For years, I wrote a poem every morning for Bernice on a dry erase board at home, before I left for work. She enjoyed the poems and they let her know how much I loved her.  I hope this book inspires others to read and write poetry for people they love as well.”

Finding poetry as an outlet during challenging times is common. In a New York Times article, title Broadway is Closed. Write Poems Instead.  Sarah Ruhl explains, “During the 1590s plague, when the theaters were shut, William Shakespeare apparently chose to write poems instead.” 

Additionally, an article in The Atlantic, by Daniel Pollack – Pelzner titled, Shakespear Wrote His Best Work During a Plague explains,“he (Shakespear) published his popular narrative poem, Venus and Adonis” during a catastrophic time.


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