Glyconics Named Top 50 One To Watch Company After Pioneering New Technology

Glyconics Named Top 50 One To Watch Company After Pioneering New Technology
Dr Kam Pooni, CEO of Glyconics, announces recognition as a gamechanger within the healthcare industry. Since joining the innovative diagnostics company, Dr Pooni has added significant monetary value to Glyconics. The business has been identified as ”One to Watch” in Business Weekly magazine’s “Killer 50” initiative announcement.

Business Weekly magazine crowned Dr Pooni a Healthcare Gamechanger in “Taking the power of infrared disease diagnosis into primary care” article published 12 July 2018.

An experienced and proven leader, Dr Kam Pooni holds a PhD in Economics, has over 20 years experience, and the Healthcare Gamechanger is open to new Non-Executive Board roles.

To increase young adults social mobility and career prospects, Dr Pooni provides mentorship to charities and young adults on entrepreneurship through the Young and Giving programme.

A hand-held device from UK based company Glyconics, led by Dr Kam Pooni, designed to give early warning of acute events and avoid the hospitalisation of thousands of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is to go into production ahead of clinical trials. The revolutionary device will be able to use any biological sample.

Diagnostic testing plays a major role in modern medicine, supporting up to 70 percent of clinical decisions. Glyconics solution, Infrared Spectroscopy, allows General Practitioners to diagnose and analyse a condition within the assigned 10 minute appointment slot.

The Infrared Spectroscopy technology, measuring biological samples via lightwaves, is not new but Glyconics are the first to bring it out of the laboratories and into primary care to diagnose respiratory diseases, predict future elements, minimise hospital admissions, reduce costs for the NHS and ultimately give patients a better experience.

CEO of Glyconics, Dr Kam Pooni, says, “I am ecstatic to be announced as a ‘Healthcare Gamechanger’ and to lead Glyconics to Business Week magazine’s ‘Killer 50’ and ‘One to Watch.” Dr Pooni continues, “To date, Infrared Spectroscopy could only be undertaken in a laboratory by highly trained staff. With Glyconics, that is now changing as we pioneer diagnostic technology. Our hand-held device results in highly accurate data in minutes and reduces costs for the healthcare systems.”

As well as being Business Weekly’s “One to Watch” in the “Killer 50” initiative, Glyconics have been awarded a coveted Seal of Excellence by the European Commission. Following an evaluation by an independent panel of international experts, the label is awarded through a competitive process to only those surpassing expectation. A leading German developer announced it’s backing of Glyconics in the Business Weekly article, “German power player backs Cambridge world-first diagnostic for COPD”.

Shaping the future of medical diagnostics, Glyconics aim to pioneer a new generation of diagnostics that identify diseases within minutes. The technology, guided by Dr Pooni, will enable patients and physicians to work together in monitoring disease progression to put the power over the patient’s health back in their and their GP’s hands.

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