Guillaume Wiatr, Strategy Consultant and Leadership Coach with MetaHelm Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast About the Strategic Narrative Canvas

Guillaume Wiatr guides CEOs, Founders, and Business Owners to align people and accelerate innovation adoption. During the interview, Guillaume discusses the extraordinary value proposition he provides clients.

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Wiatr said, “Research shows in companies of about 1,000 or more, only 10% of people understand where the company is going. How do you expect people to adapt to change and make consistent decisions? This leads to costly mistakes. People will pay for a story, but people will almost die for a narrative. A strategic narrative is a system of stories that you build intentionally to align and mobilize people to participate in a new opportunity. I’m here to make you comfortably uncomfortable. I want to push your way of thinking to build and refine the way you communicate your strategic narrative. I’ll ask the hard questions and help you get to the heart of the issue. My methods and processes come from years of experience working with executives just like you. There is a science to building and activating a strong strategic narrative.  We’ll work together to help you apply those techniques, so your company thrives.


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