Hans Rijfkogel: Balmoral Dominican Redesign – New Look Same Cigar

Hans Rijfkogel: Balmoral Dominican Redesign – New Look Same Cigar
Royal Agio Cigars has redesigned the Balmoral Dominican packaging. The restyling has given the packaging a more contemporary design.

Since the introduction in 2001, Balmoral Dominican cigars have established themselves as one of the best-selling premium cigars in the world.

The Balmoral Dominican range has won widespread praise in domestic and duty free markets for the combination of quality and value-for-money. From the Small Panatela to the Churchill Tubos, all cigars are made in the Dominican Republic. Balmoral Dominican offers 8 different products in international markets:

  • Small Panatela 5’s
  • Short Corona 5’s
  • Panatela 5’s
  • Corona 5’s
  • Corona Tubos 5’s
  • Churchill Tubos 5’s
  • Collection 12’s
  • Private Collection 25’s

About Balmoral Dominican

Balmoral cigars are made in Royal Agio Cigars factory in San Pedro de Macoris, a small city in the Dominican Republic. The cigars are made with a premium blend of tobaccos from South America and the Caribbean and a natural shade-grown wrapper from Ecuador.

Growing the wrappers from Ecuador in a natural shade ensures that the Balmoral cigars have a mild and rich flavour. It also guarantees the beautiful golden colour of the wrapper. Balmoral’s master blender personally selects these tobaccos, which provide the perfect body and balance to the cigars.


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