High Performance Coach Monica Ward Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Monica Ward is an Energy Healer, Transformational & High-Performance Coach who is an expert in getting people “unstuck” to achieve their personal best. She focuses on helping business entities and individual people expand their awareness to create a limitless life through group and 1:1 trainings and coaching.  Monica instills within them the mental foundations of success and the motivation to achieve. In this interview, Monica shares her inspiring journey, success secrets and key actions that you can learn from.


Izdihar: How did you start your Entrepreneurship journey?

Monica: When I was 10, I began selling tadpoles from our family’s swimming pool during the winter, and during the summer I would sell tickets to a variety show I would hold in our garage.  The neighborhood kids would come audition and we would create skits to present to our paying audience. 


Izdihar: Who inspired you to start your business?

Monica: My parents definitely inspired me to start my Energy Healing and High Performance coaching business.  From a young age, I discovered I could see energy.  I could see the strands of energy that connect everything and everyone and my mother shared the same ability.  She lovingly pushed me to dig into my talents and explore how I could use them to help people.  

When I was a teenager, my father bought me a set of personal development audio cassette tapes and workbooks based on Charles F. Haanel’s, “Master Key System”. That system, accompanied with my ability to see energy were the catlaysts to help me create my absolute best life, and I in turn am helping others to create theirs.


Izdihar: What type of services or products do you offer?

Monica: Tell me what you want and I will show you how to get it!  I use my intuitive abilites along with Proctor Gallagher’s “Thinking Into Results” program facilitating 1:1 and group coaching to set you up for instant and lasting success.  

Being a certified Reiki Master and Medical Intuitive, I also offer distance energy healing, as well as Animal Communication.   


Izdihar: What is the best part of being an Entrepreneur?

Monica: The best part of being an entrepreneur is serving others.  Watching others achieve happiness, passion and fulfillment, growing into the best version of themselves.  


Izdihar: What is the most challenging part about being an Entrepreneur?

Monica: The most challenging part of being an entrepreneur is time management.  I have so many things I want to do, making time for everything can be difficult. 


Izdihar: What are your biggest lessons about being an Entrepreneur?

Monica: You dont have to be all or nothing, it can take years to get to where you want to be. Taking risks are necessary, but dont put yourself and family in a position where you are forced to make things work.  That can bring on a feeling of desperation and lack, and in doing that you will find the opposite of what you want to happen.  


Izdihar: How are you different from other Entrepreneurs in the same industry?

Monica: The ability to see energy is a big differentiator.  I am able to see energy blockages and help to remove them as we are working through creating my client’s best lives. The ability to see energy also has given me an inherent ability to understand and use the Law of Vibration. 


Izdihar: What are your top 3 advice to other Entrepreneurs/your niche?

Monica: My biggest advice for any entrepreneurs  are:

  1. Don’t stop learning; don’t be afraid to spend money on your contiued education.
  2. Dont discount your offering to fit someone else’s wallet.
  3. Dont be afraid to ask.. every “no” is one step closer to a “YES”. 

…You Are Worth It!


Izdihar: What’s your secret to balancing your family, business and ME time?

Monica: I schedule everything on the calendar.  Wake time, meditation time, exercise, emails, meeting times, focus time, everything is scheduled.  The biggest advice is STICK to the schedule.  When ME time comes up, take it.  Dont allow the reminder to come and go without actually taking that time.  Its easy to put ourselves last, but you have to put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others with theirs.


Izdihar: What’s 1 key action that anybody can take today to move closer to their goals?

Monica: The key action that pushed me into success will absolutely help anyone to move closer to their goals… sit quietly with pen and paper in hand and daydream, allowing your imagination to catch fire, physicially write out a day in your absolute best life. 


Izdihar. Do you have any free gifts to offer? 

Monica: I offer a Free Hour long session to get you tapped in, tuned in, and lifted up. We will discuss eliminating abundance blocks, clearing and transmuting energy, raising your vibration and helping to transform your relationship with money so that you can become the Amazingly Abundant Being you are Meant to be.  Free 1:1 Consultation   


Izdihar: How can people get in touch with you? 

Monica: Here’s how you can contact me:

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