Operational Strategy Consultant Emily Allen Shares Your Inspiring Journey And Success Tips

Emily Allen is an Operational Strategy Consultant who is an expert in strategy, planning, and implementation. She focuses on helping creative CEOs, big-hearted business owners, and growing entrepreneurs optimize their operations and experience growth while getting back control of their most important asset; their time. In this interview, Emily shares her inspiring journey, success secrets, and key actions that you can learn from.


Izdihar: How did you start your Entrepreneurship journey?

Emily: I guess my journey with entrepreneurship “officially” began back in the days of babysitting, but in all seriousness, I never thought in a million years that I could be an entrepreneur – much less a successful entrepreneur. That was for “other” people. It wasn’t until l really began questioning my life — ‘what am I doing’ and ‘where am I going’ that I started working with a life coach. During our work together, she really helped me explore what it could look like to leave the corporate world and pursue my passion. So, the short of it is that I owe my “big leap” to her!


Izdihar: Who inspired you to start your business?

Emily: I don’t think I can name just one person that inspired me to start my business. It was really a combination of people. First, my life coach who planted the seed and really helped kick-start my business. Then, all the like-minded people I started to surround myself with. I didn’t know this ‘world’ existed and the more I surrounded myself with people who also had the same or similar journey along with their drive, their successes, and truly living their life, I wanted to be part of it. And finally, my husband and kids. They were there supporting me 110% and never questioned this crazy ride I am on.


Izdihar: What type of services or products do you offer?

Emily: I am a service-based company that provides operational consulting and advising to small-medium-sized businesses.

But what does that really mean? Let me explain. 

What makes a business great is not always obvious. It’s often the things you don’t see happening inside of a company that is the real reasons for its success–or failure. For business owners, the operational systems and processes can be the differentiating factor that influences its growth, but it’s often overlooked and neglected.

So together we focus on incorporating solid processes, systems, and strategies into their business all while creating more space in their life. 

LESS stress, MORE progress. #goals


Izdihar: What is the best part of being an Entrepreneur?

Emily: Oh boy, that’s is a loaded question coming from the corporate world. Just kidding!

Truthfully, my favorite part is being able to take what I have learned and experienced in the corporate world and bring the best of that to those that I work with. It’s more about what I might classify as the ‘little things’ that actually have the biggest impact on the business owner I am working with.

This could be as simple as creating a prioritized list, mapping out a process, redesigning their calendar, discussing their company culture, or just listening.


Izdihar: What is the most challenging part about being an Entrepreneur?

Emily: The most challenging part about being an entrepreneur is that you wear all the hats (until you reach a certain point where you can and want to bring on additional support) and that you cannot do everything at 100% all the time. 

As an A-type personality, this is a hard one for me. I want to do everything and then do everything well. But, in order to move forward and make progress, I quickly learned that “done is better than perfect”. With so many moving pieces and so much to learn and do, it’s practically impossible to get everything done much less get it perfect every time.

I am still a work in progress in this area, but trying to focus on achieving the 80% and handle the 20% later so that I still have the time and energy to give to my family and friends.


Izdihar: What are your biggest lessons about being an Entrepreneur?


I’ve learned a lot about business, about myself, about leadership and have grown in ways that not everyone around me agrees with. Not everyone joins me on this journey and that’s okay. I’m embracing the journey and grateful for the new connections in my life and so excited to continue embracing the next version of myself.


No, not just because this is what I teach and do, but because having systems and processes in place in your business will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches in the long run.


I knew running a business was going to take a lot of time and effort, but I didn’t think I would have it running through my head 24×7. I could (and sometimes do) work all hours of the day. But I’ve learned that I need to deliberately carve time out of my week to be away from my business so that I can be a better business owner. This allows me time to re-group, rejuvenate, generate new ideas and spend time with those close to me.

Dr. Izdihar Jamil

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