Powerful New Prescription that Abolishes Chronic Worry – Dr. Russell Kennedy’s Anxiety Rx, Created from Firsthand Knowledge and Decades of Personal Experience.

It has become popular for people to seek solutions or relief from chronic emotional pain by “recreational” use of  psilocybin and other psychedelics. However, Dr. Russell Kennedy used a more scientific approach to heal his own debilitating anxiety. He combined his academic knowledge with his experiences on psychedelics, (in safe and controlled environments) and was able to ultimately develop distinct and powerful approach to heal anxiety in himself and others. 

Dr. Russell Kennedy is the author of the book, Anxiety Rx available on Amazon. He is a neuroscientist and medical doctor who graduated from the University of Western Ontario. Along with Master’s level training in Developmental Psychology from the Neufeld Institute, he is also a corporate speaker and a certified yoga and meditation teacher (RYT-200). He is also known as The Anxiety MD and interestingly enough has been a stand-up comedian since 2000. Dr. Kennedy suffered from uncompromising anxiety as a child, in a rather turbulent home raised by a parent suffering from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, which led him to pursue a career in medicine where he could eventually use his knowledge to help others. Today he has developed several courses, programs, and social media platforms that provide individuals with similar issues the help and answers that they so desperately need to live a healthy, peace-filled life. 


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