Increase Brand Position by Measuring Social Impact with Lois Sonstegard, Build2Morrow and Celina Souffrant

Increase Brand Position by Measuring Social Impact with Lois Sonstegard, Build2Morrow and Celina Souffrant
Today promoting a business presents new challenges. Although there are many more options, including a wide variety of social media platforms, business leaders must recognize that today’s consumers are much savvier. There can no longer just be a spin on the message and think that potential customers will believe it. There must be proof that the factors consumers think are important are measured. That’s key if  brand differentiation is the goal to rise above the competition.

With the growing concern about the environment and social responsibility, companies have found that efforts in these areas are a good way to increase brand position. But they cannot just tout their sustainability, diversity and inclusion, fair trade, and other efforts. They need to measure the impact of the work they’re doing in these areas.

With this in mind, Lois Sonstegard of Build2Morrow invited digital marketer and brand developer Celina Souffrant to join a recent Building My Legacy podcast. They discussed how consumers will “see through” a company that simply talks about their social responsibility efforts and uses them as a marketing tactic. Listen to the episode on iTunes.

Ms. Souffrant advises companies to “make a choice about what you’ll measure, strategically measure it over time and then communicate that to your stakeholders.”

One way to do that is to obtain an unbiased, outside evaluation of the impact of the organization’s social responsibility efforts. Build2Morrow offers assistance to organizations that want to know more about their options for third party measurement, such as certifications from organizations like B Corporation, Fair Trade, Non GMO and others.

Organizations can get started by talking with Lois Sonstegard at Build2Morrow. Increasing brand position by measuring the impact of social responsibility efforts is only one of the topics explored in the Building My Legacy podcast series, hosted by Lois Sonstegard. By talking with industry experts on a wide variety of topics that affect business and nonprofit leaders, the podcast will encourage, stimulate, challenge, and motivate leaders to effectively build their own legacy.

Build2Morrow also offers powerful online and on-site training, assessments, and tools to maximize effectiveness as a leader. Talk with Lois Sonstegard about how she can help achieve individual and organizational success. To book a call, click here:


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