Interview with Michael Wright, Insurance Agent with Trailstone Insurance Group -What to Expect from An Independent Agent When Making Claims

Michael Wright discusses his approach to bringing his customers options for their insurance. Insurance is an essential part of protecting families but many are confused about their options to obtain insurance coverage.

In this interview, Michael discusses what to do before, during, and after a claim. By taking advantage of a pre-claim consultation, the homeowner will learn tips and strategies to optimize their policy provisions.

Wright commented, “With the right independent insurance agent, like myself, there may be times through the claims process that I notice an opportunity to use something that comes up to actually benefit you and lower your cost of coverage moving forward.”

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Trailstone Insurance Group is an independent insurance agent that represents multiple insurance companies. They are not locked into just one insurance company, which allows them to find the best options for coverage and the best pricing available. There is no charge to use their service; the insurance carriers pay them. 

Wright commented, “I can guide them in making decisions to protect them from mistakes I have seen firsthand from past claims. Having this ability saves my clients money and worry, allowing me to be their Personal Trusted Advisor.”


Having access to over 25 insurance companies means when rates go up with one company, Trailstone has the ability to move their clients’ insurance to a better option…in fact, they have an entire department in their agency focused on just renewals and finding the best coverages!

Dave Ramsey has endorsed Trailstone Insurance Group. Wright commented, “It took us years to pass Dave’s vetting process. We had to prove to Dave’s team that we have the “Heart of a Teach” in our selling approach with our clients. This means we put your needs first before ours or the insurance carriers. Insurance agencies cannot purchase Dave’s endorsement, and it must be earned. Also, if our customers are not happy with our service, we will lose “The Dave Ramsey Trusted” endorsement. To make sure we are continually improving, Dave’s team does monthly training with the leadership here at Trailstone Insurance and asks for feedback directly from our customers.”


About Michael Wright

Michael likes to refer to himself as a Colorado Native, but technically he is not. He was born in the Midwest and relocated to the Denver Metro Area shortly thereafter, where he met his wife, Kelsey. Colorado has a lot to offer, and it was truly a blessing to grow up on the Front Range.

The move to Colorado led to many great life experiences. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado Denver, where he studied Risk Management and Insurance. The opportunity in the aging industry is what led him to the decision for his academic studies. From there, he found an opportunity for a Claims Handling position with a national insurance carrier here in Denver. From auto to property to business claims, he is versed in the intricacies of what can be seen as a complex process. He is passionate about helping my clients protect their assets through insurance and helping them navigate any hurdles that may arise.

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