Interview with Shannon Riley Insurance Agent with Trailstone Insurance Group, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast About Bringing Customers the Best Options for Insurance

Trailstone Insurance Group is an independent insurance agent that represents multiple insurance companies. They are not locked into just one insurance company, which allows them to find the best options for coverage and the best pricing available. There is no charge to use their service; the insurance carriers pay them. 

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Shannon commented that “A smile is contagious and can make someone’s day; I always try to share that gift with the world around me. You never know how far the ripples of kindness can travel. As a Dave Ramsey endorsed provider, we know the importance of staying within budget, maximizing value, and tailoring a custom policy to fit your specific needs. I’d love to help you and anyone you know that would benefit from our services. Insurance is a complex subject. As your agent, it’s my job to understand it and communicate it to you, so you understand it as well. Having a licensed, regulated, insured agent acting on your behalf is an invaluable safety net. We take your satisfaction very seriously… and look to treat you as we want to be treated. That is why we shop our clients’ rates every year with more than 25 insurance companies to make sure you always have the most cost-effective policies available to you..”


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