Jack Tompkins, Founder of Pineapple Consulting, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Jack Tompkins discusses how his company helps its clients become more data-driven by getting the answers they need out of their data after putting it into dashboards and doing analysis on it for them. Financial Dashboards are visual representations of financial performance. They help track financial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and see trends of things like revenue, profit, etc.

Financial dashboards allow users to check the health of their business at a glance in a very visually appealing way. They also allow users to go deeper into more analysis (still in a very visual format) to get however deep into the data needed.

Web-based financial dashboards are excellent tools to use to automate the data into the dashboard, have real-time updates, and package everything up in a nice KPI dashboard. Not only will these save time, but they’ll also clearly show performance in a way that anyone can understand and make decisions off of.

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Jack explained that: “We use that prior performance data (ex. financial and marketing data) to help influence your future strategy, leaning into what’s working well, and improving what’s not working well. If you know there is value in your data but hate digging through it (the annoying part), we build a custom tool or dashboard for you that will handle the annoying part for you, and just show you the answer you want! Easily seeing your data helps you know ALL of your numbers and make data-driven strategic decisions. After years in the corporate world, we realized that we weren’t making enough impact on individual people and needed to change that. Helping and working with people is what drives us, so we’ll help you make great, financially sound decisions, but also have some fun working together!”


About Jack Tompkins

Data can be fun. Seriously! Jack has an absolute blast talking about how businesses can become more data driven. It’s easier than most people think and it’s more impactful than you can imagine. Jack is originally from Connecticut but moved to Charlotte, NC and have been running his company for a couple of years, and loves every second of it.

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