Jason Lim: Facebook for High-Value Sales

In this conversation media authority professional Debbie Horovitch talks with Jason Lim who opened up his war-chest of info on Facebook advertising in Fall 2015. We covered so much in this conversation and stunning value. Listen carefully and take notes – Jason gives clear answers to specific questions, like: When you’re spending $150-$300 per month to TEST your offer, how do you figure out what to focus on and improve?

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Note: 1 Singapore Dollar equals 0.93 Canadian Dollar

Jason is a strategic Facebook Ads Consultant and specializes in leads generation for business owners with high-client values in the transformation industry.

His clients include:

1) Sean Seah, a renowned speaker and investment trainer in Singapore who’ve trained thousands of Singaporeans to achieve financial freedom through Value Investing (Warren Buffett’s methodology),

2) Livesmart, a leading youth transformation training organization who’ve touch the lives of over 21,000 youths across Asia.

3) A multi-million fund house owner teaching investors how to become successful with real estate investment in Singapore…. just to name a few.

He’s helped his consulting clients achieved over 600-900% ROI with Facebook ads.

To learn more visit Jason at www.dotcommastery.sg

Debbie Horovitch

Debbie Horovitch is a best selling author and content contributor for business and news media channels including Forbes, Business Innovators Magazine, CNN, BuzzFeed covering the business activities of Thought Leaders and Social Enterprise Innovators.