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Turning Over a New Leaf in Business With A Refreshed Image

Featuring Insights From Cherie Pia Grassa and Lisa Maximenko of Hairspray ‘N Gloss

One thing that has always impressed me about entrepreneurs is how we turn “caring what other people think” from something most people avoid, into an elevated art form of business strategy.

Especially when launching or rebranding, we carefully pore over colors and angles and fonts in logos, ask our communities of clients and prospective clients for feedback, and then we continue to observe them for reactions to improve our presentation further, so it appeals, persuades, and instantly reassures people they made the right choice when choosing our business and brand.

After transforming my hair for Toronto’s August humidity, and then interviewing Mario Grassa and Cherie Pia Grassa, the husband & wife team owners of Hairspray ‘N Gloss in Leslieville, a regentrified arts neighborhood East of Toronto’s downtown core, I’ve been reminded of the value in refreshing the look and presentation of my hairstyling and health, and my makeup application in a way that complements my style and message.

Makeup Applications and Consultations

Turning over a new leaf on the inside? The truth is, a lasting change on the outside often starts with a change on the inside. But since people can’t see when you’ve made the effort to turn over a new leaf, why not make it apparent, and refresh your current everyday look?

Cherie is a career-long makeup artist who has worked in large busy salons, at many special events, and regularly for models on editorial and fashion shoots. She loves to help women and men refresh their look and gain updated knowledge about products for your skin health & beauty – at this point in your life.

Cherie is a masterful teacher and educator who contributes actively in Toronto’s fashion and beauty industry.

If you’re going through any major change in your life: a new job or business opportunity, a new marriage, or an award or achievement you want to mark, consider the impact you could make when you don’t have to worry about your look.

Skin – Regardless of your age and damage to your skin, everyday beauty starts with taking care of yourself on the inside with a healthy diet, lots of water and sleep. But since that’s a nearly impossible balance for most people in the city, great foundation is essential to presenting a flawless business opportunity.

Eyes – Easily and effectively making eye contact is important in business communications, and framing your communication with “the look in your eyes” expresses sincerity and trustworthiness.

Lips – Draw attention to your words and give weight to your offers, by increasing or decreasing the amount of color on your lips; playing up or down the shape and color of your lips allows you to craft non-verbal communication.

Products to Ask For: Veil Cosmetics, a Canadian brand that is water-based, and hypo allergenic.

Hair Cut, Color and Style

Investing at least $50 in a great haircut is a huge impact of value on your personal appearance and presentation. How you look at a glance, and the first impression you make is largely based on your hair, primarily because we wear one haircut/style every day.

A great cut can easily give your prospects a point of observation about you that they can compliment, putting them at ease with a show of generous interest in you, and subtly establishing their desire to work with you.

Lisa is also talented with special event hairstyles for weddings like updos, color, women’s and men’s haircuts and she shows you how to create a complete look for your special day.

Remember, 93% of communication including business and professional communications, is entirely non-verbal. Your hairstyle can make a statement about your confidence, risk-taking, personality, and if your hair looks healthy and well-cared for; polished and finished. If you have an important job interview, get your hair cut as much as two weeks before the interview (or maybe when you start job-hunting), so you have time to consider what wardrobe changes you really need to invest in (often at a higher cost).

Your hairstyle and brand message are like clothing and fashion – even though some pieces are classic, and you have a go-to style for certain event types, we all know you can really cause a stir, attract attention, and create a point of difference by really rocking the latest trend in hair, and making it your own with a striking color change or improvement.

Products to Ask For: Kevin Murphy, Sojourn products, Goldwell hair color.

More information on Hairspray ‘N Gloss and especially their trio of style experts, Mario Grassa, Cherie Pia Grassa, and Lisa Maximenko can be found on their website at

Debbie Horovitch

Debbie Horovitch is a best selling author and content contributor for business and news media channels including Forbes, Business Innovators Magazine, CNN, BuzzFeed covering the business activities of Thought Leaders and Social Enterprise Innovators.