Business Leader Capri Cruz Interviewed


Welcome to Business Innovators Magazine…Please introduce yourself and a brief thumbnail sketch of your background.

CC: Hi, my name is Capri Cruz and my background is as vast and colorful as an amazing rainbow after a storm. My life has been molded by many things, people, and circumstances for almost 40 years, but now my life’s direction is guided by a grand vision. As a child, I grew up in foster care without anything but the Grace of God guiding and protecting me, but as an adult, I KNOW who I am as a child of God and I’m on a serious mission! When I was younger, I was a very unhappy person because I was a product of limited awareness. Limited awareness of who I was and the possibilities for my future. When I found inner peace and finally saw glimpses of the direction I was being led, I became a product of God’s work “in” me. I learned spiritual discernment. Today, my calling is to promote reading and development to foster youth on a national level through my Personal Growth Literacy Program, which was created by a book I wrote for foster youth and is funded by my work as a real estate agent. My life is so amazing today I can’t wait to watch what else God does with it!


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