“God Made Millionaire TV With TC Bradley” Secures Chicago Time Slot, Solidifying Its Expansion in 3 Major U.S. TV Markets.

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In the heart of the Windy City, a television revolution is brewing. “God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley,” a show already celebrated for its dynamic fusion of faith and entrepreneurial spirit, has set its sights on Chicago’s WPWR, the third-largest television market in the nation. This bold venture solidifies the show’s footprint in three of the U.S.’s elite TV markets — a trio completed by Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston.

Come September’s inaugural week, the airwaves of Chicago will buzz with the show’s signature blend of inspiration and enterprise. This pivotal move isn’t just a new chapter in the show’s journey but signals a broader, deeper connection with audiences across America.

At the helm of this transformative venture is TC Bradley, the show’s spirited founder and host. Speaking on the show’s expansion, Bradley commented, “Venturing into not one but three of the top ten U.S. television markets is more than a triumph for our show. It’s a testament to our core message — that with unwavering faith, tenacity, and divine purpose, boundaries are merely milestones waiting to be surpassed. As we air our programing in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston, our goal remains unaltered — to inspire countless folks to pursue their God given dreams.”

“God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley” isn’t merely a show; it’s a movement. As it spreads its wings in the highly competitive television sector, the program stands as a beacon of hope, encouraging all dreamers and doers to activate their God given dreams.


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