Inspirational Leaders Spotlight Interview with Dr. Patty Sadallah

Welcome to Business Innovators Magazine…Please introduce yourself and a brief thumbnail of your background.

PS: Hi, I’m Dr. Patty Sadallah.  I have been a born-again believer in Jesus Christ since 1979.   I am ultimately a Disciple Maker.  The Lord works through me as a Christian Author, Podcaster, Ministry Leader, and Professor at Christian Leadership University.  I am also uniquely God’s Encounter Facilitator.  Everything I do is about showing people how to intimately engage with Jesus so He can take them by the hand and transform, heal, and lead them to fulfill their divine purposes.

BI:  Why do you say you are God’s Encounter Facilitator?

PS: The Lord carefully curated my life for this one-of-a-kind calling of helping people experience Jesus, and help them be and do all He has for them. I have more than thirty-five years’ experience as an Organization Development Consultant for faith-based ministries and non-profits.  My job was to create opportunities for conversations and experiences that would move groups and individuals toward God’s ideal plans for them.  When I learned how to directly connect with Jesus by dialogue journaling, the Lord gave me incredible encounters that catapulted my faith!   In God’s glorious presence, there is healing, clarity of direction and amazing fruit-bearing.   

When I learn something, I can’t help but teach it!  My heart burns to show people how easy it is to connect with the God I know and let Him take them to their propelling heights as well.   The Lord gives me full sensory adventures that draw me close to Him and move me forward, and then He has me facilitate them with others, hence, I am  God’s Encounter Facilitator.

BI: Please tell us a little more about the Spirit Life Workshops that you conduct

PS: Unlike a conference, where people sit passively and receive the pearls of wisdom from speakers, a Spirit Life Workshop is a full sensory engaging experience where Jesus directly moves you from where you are to where He wants you to be.   These weekend events include biblically based teachings and expertly facilitated Jesus encounters.  The goal of every Spirit Life Workshop is to move you from your present state of overall health and intimacy with Christ to a deeper relationship with God.  They always culminate with an increase of anointing that further equips you to fulfill your Kingdom destiny.

BI: What inspired you to do these workshops?  

It really came as a  brainchild through another ministry I lead, Spirit Life Circles, which is a weekly mentored coaching service that helps folks know how to connect with Jesus and practice exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit in a safe community.  After the end of one my mentor team circles, the Lord dropped this idea on the team to show people how to encounter Him in large workshop environment so He could heal, deliver, and equip them for their callings.   God  clarified that the time is ripe for the body of Christ workers to be prepared for the great harvest.  He explained that time was short, and  He didn’t want to see a passive crowd of observers.  He wanted to work with the crew, those willing to get their hands dirty and release His love and power in this generation.  He wanted people to engage with Him and work together.  He wanted His people to that there is more to the Christian Life than most Christians are living, and He wanted us to do our part to change that!

BI: Who should come to your DEEPER Spirit Life Workshop?

The goal of the DEEPER Spirit Life Workshop is to help you know your Christ Identity, that is the Jesus perfected version of yourself that He died for you to become.  As you grow closer to Jesus, He will reveal the real you; the Christ/You that the Father sees you as already.  When you realize who you really are in Christ, you become an unstoppable force for the kingdom!

God is calling people who are hungry for a closer relationship with Him and want to know how to connect with Him.  Also, He wants folks  who do know how to connect but want to know how to go deeper and receive even more. Also, it is for those who feel the urgency of this kingdom season and want to know more about who they are in Christ and how they fit into tapestry of God’s overall plan so they are ready to step into their destined callings.

BI: How can people find out more about your Spirit Life Workshops?

The DEEPER Spirit Life Workshop will be held May 12-14, 2023, at Beulah Beach, in Vermillion, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie, near Cleveland. 

For more information and to register, check out

BI: Do you offer additional services and products?

I do a weekly podcast called Experience Jesus with Dr. Patty Sadallah where I address all things related to living the Christian Life with Jesus.  There is a facilitated encounter at the end of every episode.

And I have many books, downloadable resources  and customized journals that can be found on my website:

For more information about the international Spirit Life Circles mentored coaching service, contact me at

BI: To wrap this up, what are you most excited about in the upcoming months? Projects, TV appearances?

Yes, I am super excited to be a guest  on the nationally syndicated God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley show.   Definitely check out that show on the GEB Network and DirecTV. 

I’ll be sharing a bit of my story and maybe even facilitate a live Jesus encounter! 


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