JB Owen, Top Female Transformation Leader, Ignites Humanity With Upcoming Book, Film, And Charity Collaboration Project

Ignite Publishing (https://igniteyou.life) CEO and Founder JB Owen is about to embark on an ambitious new project: Ignite Humanity. A combination of a book, a documentary, a TV series, and a fundraising initiative for charity, Ignite Humanity’s purpose is to uplift, inspire, and positively change humanity around the world. Ignite Humanity brings together high-level thought and legacy leaders who have made a major humanitarian impact on a global scale. Compiling the best wisdom from the brightest leaders, Ignite Humanity is a project about how we can come together, create community, and collectively work towards a better, enlightened future for all.

The program begins in June 2022, when executive producers JB Owen and Peter Giesin hit the road to cycle their tandem bike 10,000 km across Canada, where they will stop along the way to interview and film individuals who have had an ‘Ignite Moment’ in their lives that has inspired them to Ignite humanity. This will be the third year the duo has embarked on a summer-long cycling trip for charity, but this is the first year they are ramping things up by turning their experience into an opportunity to show the world how amazing, generous, kind, giving, and supportive people are. “With everything going on in the world, people need to see that goodness and kindness, that giving and caring still prevail,” says Owen.


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