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Dentley has already established himself as a renowned entrepreneur through Total Life Changes, his mentoring, and life coaching business. His industry-leading public speaking boot camp, Inspired2Speak, has produced countless superstar orators. “I’ve been fortunate throughout my life and learned so much, and now I am driven to share this knowledge with a larger audience,” he says. “It’s time to give back in the biggest possible way.”

Dr. James Dentley is all about other people’s stories. As a marketing titan and transformational guru, entrepreneur, and public speaking coach, he has trained and educated people from every corner of the globe and, at last count, had created 84 millionaires. He’s seen a lot, done a lot, and inspired a lot of people. But now, at 63, he feels he’s just getting started.

Yet while Dentley is the ultimate champion of his students and disciples, his own story is a fascinating one, a heroic, come-from-behind battle to upturn the odds, and one that nearly met with failure on more than one occasion.


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