Joy Angevin Balmer – Being Your Highest Self

Joy Angevin Balmer - Being Your Highest Self
Joy Angevin Balmer, an evidence-based healer, was interviewed recently on The Optimal Health Radio show (available on the iHeartRadio network, Stitcher, YouTube, iTunes and Spreaker) or online at: about utilizing The Trivedi Effect® which has the potential to provide beneficial effects that are anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-stress.

Tamara “Tami” Patzer hosts The Optimal Health show featuring conversations with today’s cutting health and wellness professionals. She also is host/executive producer for Women Innovators Radio and The Thought Leaders show featured on Business Innovators Network and Daily Success Media Network.

Balmer is an evidence-based energy healer validated by scientific research. A former educator for more than 30 years, created a very successful Home School Assistance Program and worked with students of all ages and in all areas of instruction. She has a deep belief in the power of education coupled with an understanding that only through connection to the Divine can people reach their highest potential. Balmer sought ways to integrate traditional education with holistic healing and the spiritual journey.


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