Katie Carey Guides Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Healers on Sharing Their Powerful Messages in Collaborative, Multi-Author Opportunities

Katie Carey is a passionate entrepreneur, winner of the Educational Spirit of Corby Award, Finalist of the “Overcomer” Women’s Business Award (2021), international best-selling author and is ranked among the top 2% globally as a podcast host of the Soulful Valley Podcast, which launched in October of 2020. She is the founder of Soulful Valley Publishing House, which began in May 2021, as well as the founder of a mental health charity, called STAGES, that she led between 2013 – 2019.  

Before launching Soulful Valley Publishing and her podcast, Katie trained as an EFT Practitioner, a mindfulness coach, Law of Attraction coach, and a Reiki Master while pursuing a degree combining psychology, the science of the mind, counseling, and psychotherapy, and challenging ideas in mental health to increase her knowledge surrounding mental health. Katie recognized the critical nature of the ever-present, and often unnoticed, crisis of so many individuals regularly facing demons with their mental and emotional well-being, that can’t be contained by mainstream medicine, and knew that her calling was to help make a change. 

Soon after her podcast launch, Katie received an invitation to be one of the authors in what is today the international best-seller, Intuitive: Knowing Her Truth. In Katie’s chapter, she shared in-depth accounts of the struggles she had endured throughout her lifetime relating to childhood, health, relationships, finances, and the bullying she had faced in the workplace. Stories, by Katie and other brave women, show readers collectively that once a woman taps into her true intuition, she can reach her full potential and step out of the shadows. 

After having received such impressive feedback from the other authors of Intuitive: Knowing Her Truth, Katie realized her calling would go much deeper and would enable her to use her experience and training for a much higher purpose. Through Soulful Valley Publishing, Katie helps metaphysical coaches and energy healers share their message of healing with others and shine brightly with confidence as best-selling authors and experts in their field. But as most aspiring authors owners can agree, it takes more than drive and hard work to publish a book. While there are many experts on mental and emotional health issues, they quite often don’t know the first thing about translating their knowledge from an everyday office setting to a best-selling book. 

With the guidance of Soulful Valley Publishing, this process is made simple! Working with Katie, in a collaborative author setting, on books that matter and provide support for those seeking alternative methods to improving their well-being, is offered in a variety of ways including:


  •      Multi-Author Program: Includes guidance on how to write the chapter, editing, formatting for digital and paperback versions, front and rear cover design, written copy to utilize for publicity and promotion, publishing on Amazon, a supportive network to consult with, a podcast episode on Soulful Valley Podcast, a video interview uploaded to Katie’s Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn audience and goes to all podcasting platforms, AND the excitement of becoming a best-selling author!
  •      VIP Services: For those interested in a 1:1 experience, they will receive all that the Multi-Author Program participants do, but also additional 1:1 support sessions (up to 4) including the use of the Emotional Freedom Technique. This is especially useful for first-time authors dealing with issues of writing about past trauma and experience a block. It also helps to overcome feeling overwhelmed, imposter syndrome, and procrastination. Additionally, profits from the various opportunities to write in multi-author books, through Soulful Valley Publishing, go to the charity of choice and are promoted on the website to view regularly. 


As someone who has pursued her passion in life, to help others overcome adversity, and has studied psychic development and mediumship, Katie has shown that her level of intuitiveness has allowed her to connect with others who are also spiritually inclined. 

Katie’s latest published work, Evolving on Purpose: Mindful Ancestors Paving the Way for Future Generations, launching fall 2021 on Amazon with a Facebook launch event is an empowering collaboration of authors who so openly share their stories of overcoming adversity and trauma and who are now evolving on purpose to live a life of purpose! It is also a prime example showing how like-minded experts can come together for a greater purpose. 

Soulful Valley have chosen to support a local charity with the proceeds of their multi author books called Integrated Cancer Therapies, a charity local to Katie who support their service users with FREE  complimentary therapies. 



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