Kevin Coffey & Christina Keller With A Brighter Future Interviewed On The Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast, Discussing Devastating Emotional Consequences Of Foreclosure

Kevin Coffey & Christina Keller discuss the emotional challenges homeowners can experience when facing foreclosure or falling behind on mortgage payments.

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Foreclosure can have devastating emotional consequences that extend beyond just the financial aspect. As discussed in the podcast episode, one of the primary emotional effects of foreclosure is embarrassment. Due to the stigma associated with losing your home, individuals facing foreclosure may feel isolated and withdrawn from their community. This embarrassment can lead to a sense of shame and depression and can be as devastating as losing a loved one.

Additionally, foreclosure can strain relationships, as discussed in this episode. The blame game may arise within families, with individuals pointing fingers at each other for the financial difficulties that led to foreclosure. This strain on relationships can further isolate individuals and create a sense of division within the family unit, adding to the emotional burden of the foreclosure process.

Kevin and Christina’s innovative solutions are not just about financial relief but also about providing emotional support during challenging times. Whether you want to stay in your home or delay foreclosure, they can help guide you through the process. Their unique program, “More Money For You,” offers a remarkable opportunity to maximize your earnings compared to selling your home “as is.” By partnering with Kevin and Christina, you can put more money into your pocket and receive invaluable assistance in alleviating the emotional distress and financial strain associated with the prospect of losing your home.

Kevin & Christina said: “Many studies have shown that stress can cause people to have physical and emotional problems. We’re trying to give homeowners options so that they can have a brighter future.”


About Kevin Coffey and Christina Keller

Kevin and Christina are a couple of Colorado folks who know what it’s like when things get tough. Kevin grew up in North Denver, and Christina in Thornton. Kevin’s family faced the heartbreaking reality of foreclosure when he was younger. He watched as their home, filled with love and laughter, slipped away. Looking back, he wishes his family had been thrown a lifeline that offered choices like A Brighter Future now provides homeowners. Kevin and Christina are not just another option; they’re a lifeline, a bridge to a brighter future.

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