Kevin Coffey & Christina Keller with A Brighter Future, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast, Discussing Understanding The Foreclosure Process

Kevin Coffey & Christina Keller discuss the impact of foreclosure.

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Understanding the foreclosure process is crucial to avoid its negative consequences. In a podcast episode featuring Kevin Coffey and Christina Keller from A Brighter Future, the importance of knowing the foreclosure process is emphasized to help homeowners navigate through challenging times. They point out that the process typically begins when a homeowner falls behind on mortgage payments.

One key point discussed is the potential consequences of foreclosure, such as the property being sold at auction, often resulting in financial loss for the homeowner. If the property is sold for less than the mortgage balance, the lender can file a deficiency judgment against the homeowner for the difference, leading to further financial burdens. Additionally, foreclosed properties are listed in local papers and online platforms, which can result in added embarrassment and stress for homeowners.

To address these challenges, Kevin and Christina offer a “Foreclosure Rescue Kit” that discloses some unknown strategies homeowners can use to avoid foreclosure. They also discussed their “More Money for You” program, which aims to get homeowners current on their mortgage payments, invest in the home’s restoration, and share some of the net profits with the homeowner. They put up all the money, and the homeowner can share some of the profits. Their “More Money for You” can put substantially more money into the pockets of the homeowner vs. selling their home “as is” or losing it to foreclosure. By providing these alternatives, they aim to create a brighter future for the homeowner and its negative consequences.

Kevin & Christina said: “People aren’t going to remember the money in our bank account when we die. They’re going to remember the positive things we did for them so that they can have a brighter future.


About Kevin Coffey and Christina Keller

Kevin and Christina are a couple of Colorado folks who know what it’s like when things get tough. Kevin grew up in North Denver, and Christina in Thornton. Life can throw some real curveballs, especially when it comes to keeping a roof over your head.

Kevin’s family faced the heartbreaking reality of foreclosure when he was younger. He watched as their home, filled with love and laughter, slipped away. Looking back, he wishes his family had been thrown a lifeline that offered choices like A Brighter Future now offers homeowners. Kevin and Christina are not just another option; they’re a lifeline, a bridge to a brighter future.


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