Kinetic Parking Solutions Announces Innovative Bicycle Ramp for Stairs

In collaboration with LO MINCK MOBILITY BV based in the Netherlands, the VELOCOMFORT® is a truly advanced solution that enables cyclists to conquer the hardest place to access for bikes: stairs!

The VELOCOMFORT® helps cyclists ascend and descend a staircase by assisting on the way up the stairs and slowing and controlling the speed of the bicycle on the way down. The cyclist simply places the tires of their bicycle in the VELOCOMFORT® “groove” and gently pushes the wheel forward as the patented conveyor belt effectively pulls the bike UP for the cyclist. Going down the stairs, the cyclist places the tires inside the VELOCOMFORT® on the opposite side of the staircase, and the patented integrated brush decelerates the bicycle on the way down.

As more and more American cities are committing to making cycling safer, they are also increasing bicycle infrastructure to make cycling more accessible to riders of all ages and levels. For example, before VELOCOMFORT®, very few cyclists would attempt to carry their bicycle up a set of stairs. Now, this solution makes it simple for cyclists of any age and ability.


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