KNewMedia.Digital Giving Away 30 Days Of Social Media Content

KNewMedia.Digital Giving Away 30 Days Of Social Media Content
As part of a limited BETA Program, Columbia Based Digital Marketing Agency KNewMedia.Digital, is giving away 30 Days of Social Media Content to Local Attorneys. Founder, Lorita Marie Kimble says within 24 hours they will literally help Attorneys to engage more clients and grow their business for free as part of their limited BETA program.

KNewMedia.Digital realizes that Attorneys have followers on their social media that aren’t turning into new business. To solve that problem KNewMedia.Digital has put together a social media team that will create and curate highly engaging social media content that is proven to convert.

However, due to the very limited offer Attorneys will need to take action soon to take advantage of KNewMedia.Digital’s team of social media content experts that will create and curate the highly engaging content for their social media absolutely free. The service alone is valued at $500.

Kimble went on to state why her company is offering the BETA Program “I know that some Attorneys  will probably think that this sounds way too good to be true. But let me give you some insight into why we created this free social media program for Attorneys. In the very near future we’ll be announcing our Attorney Marketing Division to the public and that’s why we’ve opened his BETA Program for a few select law practices. We would like to invite them to give us feedback on how well the content is working.”

Kimble concluded “We’re willing to do all the work. We will research, organize and create content so Attorneys can be well on their way to taking their social media to a whole new level.” 

To learn more about the BETA Program Attorneys can visit: and provide a few details to help the social media content team create the perfect social content for their business.

About KNewMedia.Digital: KNewMedia.Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Columbia Maryland that provides Digital Marketing Training, Coaching and Done For You Services to Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. 


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