Law Enforcement Gun Ranges Discover Little Known Approach for Using Forfeiture Funds to Pay for Firing Range Contractor Services, Cleaning and Lead Maintenance

Law Enforcement Gun Ranges Discover Little Known Approach for Using Forfeiture Funds to Pay for Firing Range Contractor Services, Cleaning and Lead Maintenance
MT2 Firing Range Services is leading the fight nationwide to protect police officers and other shooters from the hazards of lead poisoning at gun ranges.

James M. Barthel, President of MT2 Firing Range Services (MT2) said: “We have a corporate initiative of annually supporting our brothers and sisters in blue. Our core vision and mission is to provide premier specialty environmental products and services with a higher purpose and MT2 personnel are passionate about cleaning and restoring our environment, protecting people from the hazards of lead, and serving and protecting those who serve and protect us, whether in the military or in law enforcement.” 

Shooting ranges understand the importance of properly maintaining their range as it relates to lead and lead waste, but it is often difficult to obtain budget approval for vital activities needed for operating, maintaining, and improving a law enforcement firing range.

In a recent news story by the Indiana Daily Reporter titled: “Forfeitures provide police departments with extra funds”, they report that: “for cash and other assets taken from people who have been targeted in criminal investigations, law enforcement agencies are allowed to keep the valuables and use them as a revenue stream to supplement their budgets. Federal laws forbid the county to use any seized funds to supplant a county budget, so any forfeiture, literally, is bonus money.” Firing range improvements and equipment fall under this category and allow a Law Enforcement gun ranges across the country to use these funds for lead reclamation and maintenance.

 But in today’s business environment, there are critical considerations that must be understood when selecting a lead maintenance contractor because there are EPA and OSHA regulations that must be adhered to before, during, and after the project. MT2 has prepared a firing range industry report that provides all of the questions to consider before selecting a firing range services contractor to hire.
This report can be downloaded at

MT2 has completed firing range clean-ups for these noted law enforcement agencies as well as dozens more: NYPD, Denver Police Department, Seattle Police Department, Phoenix Police Department, Austin Police Department, Riverside County Sheriff, Gwinnett County Firing Range Complex, Pendleton Police Department, Maryland Firearms Training Facility, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Apopka Police Department, Markham Park, City of Kissimmee Firing Range, Winter Garden Police Department Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Delray Beach PD.

MT2 has:
 • Returned $5M in lead reclamation to clients
• Completed 3,000 ranges since 2000 in all 50 States
• Recovered over 15,000,000 pounds of lead
• Treated over 10,000,000 tons of lead

while working closely with range owners to implement firing range Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect shooters and the environment. “We are proud to serve and protect those in law enforcement and the military that serve and protect us,” stated James M. Barthel, MT2 CEO.

About MT2 Firing Range Services:

With over 20 years’ experience and over 3,000 successful projects, MT2 is recognized as the nation’s #1 largest professional contractor providing complete indoor and outdoor firing range services including design/build; site lead, safety, and environmental assessments; construction and demolition services, maintenance/ upgrades/ improvements; and proprietary technologies to complete lead reclamation, construction services, lead dust abatement, and facility closure.

We also offer comprehensive project and construction management services. As the only firing range services provider with Nationwide operations, MT2 operates from our network of regional offices offering full 50 state coverage with OSHA and EPA certified work teams.




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