Leading Attorneys Focusing On Elder Law and Estate Planning To Be Featured In New Amazon Book Benefiting Charity Titled Leading Counsel

Mark Imperial, Founder of Remarkable Radio and Press, confirmed he has officially started Nationwide interviews to feature just 10 Leading Attorneys focusing on Elder Law and Estate Planning in the new book titled, “Leading Counsel: Spotlights on Top Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys”, benefiting charity.

Imperial states, “The charity will benefit from being featured in the book for direct donations, the publicity and media coverage that results, along with a pledge of 100% of the retail royalties.”

“Out of nearly one hundred interviews with Attorneys, we are choosing only 10 for this book for exclusivity and brevity.” Imperial continued, “What we do differently is we register each Attorney as an Author of the book on Amazon, which appears in search when their referrals or prospects research to choose an Attorney. Books on Amazon like this often rank higher than their own website, and they are seen on Amazon and other booksellers as Published Authors.”

This book is important because Imperial explained, “The pandemic has placed a big spotlight on the lack of knowledge and preparation in many families’ lives. I am eager to raise awareness on this topic. I want to offer a tremendous resource where leading attorneys can demonstrate their knowledge, connect with prospective clients, and separate themselves from their competition, which having this published book on Amazon and Kindle will provide, all while benefiting charity.”


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