Life Coach and Relationship Expert Sherica Matthews Reveals Why Successful People Have Mediocre Relationships On Influencers Radio

Life Coach and Relationship Expert Sherica Matthews Reveals Why Successful People Have Mediocre Relationships On Influencers Radio
On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Relationship Expert and creator of Feminine Success Mastery, Sherica Matthews discussed why so many women who have reached a high level of financial, career, or academic success struggle to find personal success, specifically in their romantic relationships.

Matthews is a Certified Relationship Coach with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and over 15 years of experience as a project manager. 

During the interview, Matthews displayed what sets her apart as a Relationship Coach by sharing her passion and deep understanding of the human psyche combined with the unique ability to apply her concrete and logic-based perspective to emotionally charged relationship issues.  

Explaining the internal conflict often experienced by successful people when it comes to relationships, Matthews said, “When there’s a disconnect between feeling successful and looking successful according to society, a lot of people tend to feel a little embarrassed about it. Because when you’re successful, you have it going on, you’re kind of expected to have a good relationship, you’re expected to have a relationship that reflects your material success. When that doesn’t match up, then there’s this part of you that doesn’t feel worthy, or you may feel like an imposter, or you just may feel embarrassed about it.”

According to Matthews, many successful women find themselves in mediocre relationships because they settle for someone who might be good ‘to’ them rather than someone who is good ‘for’ them. Just because she isn’t in what society would classify as a ‘bad’ relationship, doesn’t mean she is in a ‘healthy’ relationship.

Cautioning against setting expectations of a ‘perfect’ relationship, Matthews strongly encourages women to strive for maximum compatibility and personal growth as she outlined the four most important questions a woman should ask herself to determine if she is in the right relationship.

  1. Do her values align with her partner’s?
  2. Does she feel free?
  3. Does she feel heard and valued?
  4. Does her partner share the same vision for the future?

Listen to this interview and it’s easy to understand why CEOs, entrepreneurs, engineers, and other high achieving women choose Sherica Matthews to help them reach their full potential in personal relationship success. 

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