Linda Jensen, Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), Unveils New Website About Tax Strategies for Business Owners

In a groundbreaking announcement today, Linda Jensen a leader in financial advisory services, unveiled a comprehensive guide detailing the best tax strategies for business owners looking to optimize their savings and foster significant growth for their enterprises. Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of tax laws and regulations, Linda Jensen commits to empowering entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate taxation complexities efficiently. 

The guide, developed by a team of seasoned tax professionals and accountants, outlines innovative strategies designed to leverage current tax laws to the advantage of businesses across various industries. With a focus on compliance, efficiency, and strategic planning, the document serves as an invaluable resource for business owners seeking to minimize their tax liabilities while capitalizing on opportunities for reinvestment and expansion. 

Implications for Business Owners and Employees: 

In light of the ongoing debate, there are several strategies that business owners can consider to navigate the current tax landscape effectively: 

  1. Eliminate $500 FICA/Payroll Taxes for Every Employee, Every Year: Minimum of 50 full time W-2 Employees.
  2. Reduce Workers Comp Premiums by up to 50%: Implementing workplace safety programs and actively managing claims can help businesses qualify for lower premiums.
  3. Cut Medical Insurance Premiums by up to 20%. The reduction of FICA/Payroll taxes as well as Medical and Worker’s Comp premiums are a part of a wellness program. Also, employee receives benefits paid by U.S. Government, including permanent life insurance.
  4. Significantly Lower Income Taxes for Business Owners: For businesses that are privately held, minimum of a dozen non-related employees, and the owners are paying a minimum of 500K income taxes, we can help the owners reduce income taxes by 80%.
  5. Eliminate Capital Gains Tax: Utilizing sections of the tax code that allow for deferral or exclusion of capital gains can benefit business owners during the sale of a business or appreciated real estate.
  6. Earn Research and Development Tax Credits: Businesses engaged in innovation can significantly benefit from R&D tax credits, reducing their overall tax liability.

Our focus is to increase the profits and valution of businesses by lowering taxes and business expenses. The debate on the Social Security tax cap underscores the importance of strategic tax planning and policy awareness for business owners. Congress has the power to increase capital gains taxes as well as corporate taxes. Any tax increases can impact a business. While the potential for policy changes exists, proactive measures can help businesses and their employees navigate the complexities of the tax system, ensuring both compliance and financial optimization. 

“The landscape of tax law is both vast and complex, but with the right strategies, business owners can uncover substantial savings that can be reinvested back into their businesses,” said Linda Jensen. 

About Linda Jensen 

Linda has been self-employed for her entire life. A successful financial advisor since 1994, she has enjoyed all aspects of entrepreneurship, especially problem-solving, sizing up dilemmas, and working through complexities with creative solutions. She is a lifelong learner. In addition, she has a passion for establishing a good rapport with business owners and clients helping them access a wide range of resources. “Business owners are in a lonely place,” says Linda. “I want to develop a relationship with the business owner, offer counseling and serve as a referral service.” Linda began her career in 1994 with Prudential Preferred Financial Services; for three years Linda was an agency leader in Tacoma, Washington. 

Since starting her own firm in 1997, Linda has enjoyed working with individuals and business owners helping them achieve their financial dreams and goals. She is an expert in all aspects of retirement planning. 

Linda has lectured widely on financial topics to both the general public and business professionals. She is passionate about helping business owners leverage corporate cash to create benefits for the owner(s), and key employee(s) and to identify estate-planning solutions. 

Linda calls the Pacific Northwest home. She married her college sweetheart. She and her husband Brad have two children and five grandchildren. Linda loves learning, reading, hiking, sewing, and cooking. 

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