Live From Your Soul Creator Ashley Schoborg Featured on ABC to Help Women create TRUE Deep Body Peace

The TRUE Deep Body Peace Program helps women achieve true deep peace with their bodies, embrace their worthiness, and live as the goddesses they are.

Ashley Schoborg, Exercise Physiologist and personal trainer turned women’s empowerment coach has 15 years of experience helping women create peace with their bodies, balance with food, and a nourishing relationship with exercise. She is the owner of Live From Your Soul and the author of the forthcoming book: ‘The Codes to TRUE Deep Body Peace.’

Ashley Schoborg was recently featured on ABC Morning Blend discussing her life mission to help women see through the cultural messaging surrounding women’s bodies and embrace their worth.

Through Live From Your Soul and her TRUE Deep Body Peace Program, Ashley helps women create inner peace surrounding their bodies and live as their most authentic selves, by helping them break free from societal standards placed on them, as well as personal expectations.

Live From Your Soul is a passion project for Ashley Schoborg, M.A. She is an exercise physiologist and personal trainer turned women’s empowerment and embodiment coach. She explains that one of the biggest struggles women go through is with their bodies. By empowering women to create TRUE Deep peace with their bodies, more people can fully love themselves and live their deepest truths.

The TRUE Deep Body Peace Program recognizes that many women wish their bodies looked different. Ashley explains that the most common question she receives is, “can I create TRUE Deep peace with my body even if I want to change the way it looks?”

To this, Ashley gives a resounding YES! While this answer confuses most people, Ashley explains that achieving a TRUE Deep body peace has nothing to do with aesthetic preferences.

“Creating TRUE deep body peace is all about our beliefs about our own worth in regards to the appearance of our body. It is about learning how to transcend the messaging we’ve internalized by this culture about a woman’s worth being attached to the appearance of her body.”

“For a long time, women have been putting themselves through strenuous procedures and standards in order to fit into their aesthetic preferences and the standards set by society. However, most spend all their lives trying to change and ‘fix’ their bodies but are never at peace with it,” she said.

Speaking from experience, Ashley explains that learning how to transcend this cultural messaging and connect to where her worth really is has helped her make a massive shift in her life, and hopes more women do the same.

“Because if we have our worth attached to our body (believing that our worth is attached to the way it looks), we are always in this body prison as I call it… no matter what it looks like.”

Therefore, the TRUE Deep Body Peace Program kickstarts the unlearning and relearning process. The program also helps women address the inner voice that constantly berates them for their appearance, eating habits, weight, exercise habits, beauty choices, etc.

Ashley, through this program, explains that the solution to silencing that constant judgmental inner voice doesn’t come from changing the body, it comes from learning how to create TRUE deep peace with it and live as the goddesses we are.

Through Live From Your Soul, Ashley shares in-depth knowledge and programs to help empower women in various ways. Ashley also breaks down the differences between aesthetic preferences and attaching worth to the body. The TRUE Deep Body Peace Program trains people to change their internal dialogue, giving them a new positive and self-loving outlook on their bodies. Live From Your Soul is changing how women view themselves and relate to their bodies, creating true freedom and peace.


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