Liz Presson, Founder of Pursuit, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Liz Presson discusses innovation and resilience in entrepreneurship.

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In the episode, Liz Presson emphasizes the importance of self-trust and honesty in business, as well as being aware of external influences. She stresses the need to evaluate whether challenges are a reflection of people’s own business or if they are influenced by external factors. This self-awareness and honesty are crucial for making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions.

Liz Presson also discusses the role of personal development in honing and maximizing skills and traits. Liz mentioned engaging in public speaking and actively listening to and watching herself to understand how she articulates ideas to others.

Furthermore, Liz Presson highlights the significance of building a team that sees her not only as a boss but also as a team member and peer. She has created an environment where honest feedback is encouraged, and everyone’s voice is heard, valued, and appreciated. This open and collaborative atmosphere helps in continuously improving and moving forward.

Neal Wolff, VP of Marketing at Vyluma and client of Pursuit said: “Pursuit hit the ground running. In six months, we had a brand, website, and started building a community that will become the market for our product in the ophthalmology space. Everyone from our board of advisors and CEO to our brightest marketers are energized by Pursuit’s work.”

Liz shared: I think just being able to roll with the punches is important. I certainly have a type A personality. As a business owner, I find I’m pretty risk-averse for a business owner and for doing some of the things that I do. And so, you can always continue to better yourself. But sometimes there are just external factors that you’re not going to control.”



About Liz Presson 

Liz is the founder of Pursuit, a consultancy firm transforming healthcare organizations into digital leaders by helping them to better engage with patients through digital communication strategies, programs, and awareness campaigns. Liz was previously Director of Marketing for Digi International before venturing out in 2013 as a healthcare marketing entrepreneur. Today, Pursuit directs clinical research recruitment initiatives for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical organizations, leads public awareness campaigns around health epidemics, and builds advocacy programs for medical device companies. Liz has spoken at many conferences, including Stanford Medicine X, Technori, and Internet Summit on bringing the right team members together in innovation projects, and her articles on company culture and technology have been published in The Muse, The Guardian, Mashable, Fast Company, and others.

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