Lois Sonstegard, Founder of Build2Morrow, Announces 200th Episode of Her Podcast “Building My Legacy.”

Having worked with business leaders for more than 30 years, Lois Sonstegard has learned the passion of successful leaders to leave a meaningful legacy. Lois is dedicated to developing leaders and helping them build a significant legacy. For this reason, she launched her podcast and now celebrates its 200th episode. The “Building My Legacy Podcast” examines how leaders build a legacy. The podcast encourages, stimulates, challenges, and motivates leaders to Build Legacy effectively.

It examines:

  • What are some of the driving forces behind creating a legacy?
  • What are the foundational building blocks to building a legacy?
  • How does a leader shape their legacy?
  • Are there experiences that will help define and shape legacy?

In the 200th  episode of her podcast, Lois talks with Heather Smith about a New Way to Tell Your Story-Now, and in the Future, Lois commented that “I appreciate Heather’s approach.  Many of us have tired of the hype and no result.  Focus on telling your story the way your audience will respond to and see your business grow.”

Episode highlights:

  • Why your story matters
  • The importance of connecting with others across generations
  • How to enable future generations to hear your story and learn from your experience

Heather Smith’s company StoryFile uses a unique conversational video technique to help you tell your story and let others — including future generations — interact with you just as if you were having a conversation. Find out why your story matters and how “video that talks back” enables you to connect across distances and even generations.

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About achieving 200 episodes, Lois commented, “I enjoy doing podcasts because I learn so much from the people with whom I talk.  They challenge my thinking, stretch me, and enlarge my vision.  I am a better consultant and coach because of these podcasts.  I am deeply indebted to the wisdom and insights people have shared on my podcast.”

Lois has worked with a diverse range of business leaders to develop a leadership process that can transition to building legacy. Lois is dedicated to helping successful leaders complete their leadership cycle by creating a meaningful, reflective legacy of their life and work.

Organizations can get started by talking with Lois Sonstegard at Build2Morrow. Increasing brand position by measuring the impact of social responsibility efforts is only one of the topics explored in the Building My Legacy podcast series, hosted by Lois Sonstegard. By talking with industry experts on a wide variety of topics that affect business and nonprofit leaders, the podcast will encourage, stimulate, challenge, and motivate leaders to effectively build their own legacy.

Build2Morrow also offers powerful online and on-site training, assessments, and tools to maximize effectiveness as a leader. Talk with Lois Sonstegard about how she can help achieve individual and organizational success.

To book a call, click here: https://calendly.com/lois-sonstegard/15min-1

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