Lorraine Crookes, Shelki Founder Teaches Mindfulness and Meditation for Empowered Mental Health.

For years Lorraine Crookes suffered from depression and anxiety. Her mental health became so difficult to manage it impacted her physical health and she suffered from irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, tonsilitis, and even had a bout of alopecia. After a long journey of self-discovery, and many revelations, she turned her inner struggles into an educational expedition, which gave her passion an incredible purpose! Today, Lorraine supports other people struggling with negative mental health teaching and empowering people through breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and energy work.

Lorraine has won numerous accolades and awards for her contribution to society and service to others. She strives to give back to others who struggle with mental health issues, challenging relationships, complex experiences relating to body trauma or abuse, and physical health and medical conditions. Lorraine educates people to understand their mental health and human energy and provides useful strategies to avoid suppressing or ignoring their feelings. Her mission is to support people to find ways to connect to their true self through mindfulness, meditation, and other modalities so that they can live an empowered and enriched life. 


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