Lotus Soul Healing Arts Launches A New Series On Angels  Online for Spiritual Healing

Lotus Soul Healing Arts Arts launches its new series centered around the Archangels online. It was opened in 2019, by Diane Bovalino as a wellness center with a focus on an individual’s journey, challenges, and impact on the soul, body and mind. 

The online series will start on March 22, and then occur on the 4th Wednesday of every month from 7 pm to 8 pm Eastern Time on April 26,  May 24, June 28, and July 26.  With this, the center’s founder, Diane Bovalino, will create extraordinary connections with five angelic beings that will help you expand pure angelic qualities with you in the forms of unconditional love, non-judgment, joy, and courage in your day-to-day life to support you and place you soundly on your life path. You will receive five special and permanent AngelLinks (TM) each month from a different angel with extradordinary gifts for each link.

This Center has helped many women rise strongly from toxic relationships and find their own way to be successful in life.  The owner of the Center, Diane Bovalino, is an International Best Selling Author from the book Entangled No More.  In the book she shares about her struggle with a toxic relationship and the healing tools used to thrive.  

Lotus Soul Healing Arts also provides reiki and intuitive healing sessions online.  The online session begins with an in-depth discussion of what one plans to accomplish through soul healing and how it will alter the internal mindset. 

The center offers Reiki classes from Reiki 1 to the Master level online.  The classes are compact for these sessions to ensure everyone feels the right impact, learning and healing without any interruptions. The clients also get actual tips from the instructors on reiki and how to continue with their path of trauma elimination and healing. To know more about these sessions, visit here.

A Females United Book Group will start live on Zoom in April 2023 and will begin reading Entangled No More. Then the group will read Co-Creating with the Divine which will come out in April 2023. It will also include a signed book from Diane Bovalino on Entangled No More.  To join the Book Group go to  Lotus Soul Healing Arts.



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