Mapsimise goes live with new subscription mapping service

Mapsimise goes live with new subscription mapping service
Mapsimise is a unique subscription service that helps business owners visualise and get the most from their business data while gaining real Location Intelligence by using Google Maps. Upon the launch, Mapsimise will be available globally, being delivered on Microsoft Azure both in the UK and the USA.

Organisations of all types will be able to connect to an eligible CRM provider or upload data to create maps showing and representing their chosen business data. A range of geospatial technologies are combined to help businesses build targeted mailing lists. Using Mapsimise, sales teams can also plan appointments by a given location.

In its first release, Mapsimise will provide seamless connectivity for CRM systems such as Salesforce, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Mapsimise also includes connectivity with DotDigital and Mailchimp to enable marketing lists to be created based on given locations. Companies holding data within spreadsheets can upload CSV and Microsoft Excel files.

Mapsimise has been designed to help companies solve key challenges and use data in a revolutionary way. Users gain more efficiency and experience a collaborative and analytical experience. Mapsimise utilises multiple data sources at once to combine a visual experience while sharing and allowing different team members to work together.

CEO Alistair Dickinson states, “The last two years have been an amazing journey of learning and of advanced development. Months of research has gone into designing a platform that is easy to use for end-users, as well as being cost-effective and adding real value to businesses and their owners.”

Dickinson continued, “Only recently I was buying some flowers for my wedding anniversary and the florist started telling me that there was a real problem in wasted time with delivery drivers getting lost. As a small business, they could not afford expensive IT systems. After sharing the ‘Your data mapped’ concept of Mapsimise and the cost for two users being from £15 a month, the florist exclaimed that it would save her about £100 per month, if not more. Over the past 18 months, we have had the opportunity to speak to many businesses from logistics to security installers managing 1,000 jobs per day, and all welcome a cost-effective platform that could help them achieve more.” 

Mapsimise will offer three subscriptions. The free subscription Mapsimise Go, Team and Pro. Team and Pro subscription offers additional functionality, storage and capability. Connectors such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce or SugarCRM are offered as a single monthly price for each company. The cost for two users start from £15.50 per month plus VAT.

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About Mapsimise

Mapsimise is the newest offering from MyCRM, a software development company growing into its eleventh year with a range of platforms and technologies. MyCRM specialises in building solutions for businesses incorporating customer-focused components in Marketing, Sales and Service.


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