Margaret Thorli Leads The Entrepreneur In Single Parents With Her Ventures

Margaret Thorli, author, entrepreneur, and coach shares her amazing journey of rising to the heights of success from a children’s home to an entrepreneur.

She is a multiple-award-winning ‘Mumpreneur’ and has also won UKB&IA Business & Innovation Award 22 Best Business Response to COVID 19 Micro and Small Business she was the award-winning of Influential Role Model and Mentors Awards 2021.

H&R Training Professionals is a charity established in October 2008 which turns around the lives of vulnerable residents in communities, experiencing multiple/complex disadvantages largely due to poverty, lack of motivation, and social isolation.

H&R runs an exciting training program for women, single fathers, and lone parents. The training will set you at the top of your game.

They train the parents on how to start their Business with zero finance and grow their Business to impressive levels or generally improve their career skills. H&R Expert leaders in the field guide the workshops and teach the clients incredible tricks of the trade that they can’t find anywhere else. 


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