Marine Veteran and Entrepreneur Lena Geronimo Signs Book Deal to Contribute to Fields to Boardrooms

Marine Veteran and Entrepreneur Lena Geronimo Signs Book Deal to Contribute to Fields to Boardrooms
Lena Geronimo has been selected as the lead author for Fields to Boardrooms, a multi-author book project for veterans. Better known as ‘Lady’ or ‘Lady Lena’ Lena Geronimo is the creator, producer & host of an established radio show that broadcasts live. She is also founder of her very own production, media & promotions company; Pearl Vision by Lady and co-founder of Pioneers of Progress; a non-profit based in Chicago established to Mentor Community Youth. As a veteran-owned business Lady strives to bring more guidance & clarity to veterans prospecting business ownership and to encourage veterans to reach for the stars, identify services available & utilize the services to ensure a successful business.

Fields to Boardrooms is a book about veterans running businesses, designed for military veterans who want to run businesses, become CEOs & excel in their fields. Lena Geronimo brings to the book her experience as a media professional in the radio broadcasting industry since 2004 where she began her experience at Parkland Community College and also worked production & weekend editing at News Channel 15 WPCD Champaign, Illinois.  

Lena Geronimo said: “As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps my duty was supply management. Post basic training I was stationed at Camp Geiger for MCT, Marine Combat Training. During training, I grew very sick and was dropped from my training platoon to the Medical Rehab Platoon to get better. During this time – five months in – I unfortunately experienced Military Sexual Trauma. My duty here was to be trained, not be traumatized. After my experience ironically I was placed in Separations due to a development of a condition in my chest called Costochondritis. I was told I would be a liability and was separated from service at 7 months 9 days. Since I was not able to continue my duties I parted ways with my “Red Stripe” dream & found a new dream in Mass Communications. Although my time was cut short I take many military qualities into life & work such as leadership, teamwork, knowledge, enthusiasm & my entrepreneurial spirit.

My successes in business has been achieved on many fronts.  First in my relentless advocacy for my fellow veterans where I have created a pop up boutique – or as the Long Beach VA knows it a “Pop Tique” program – dedicated to provide free clothing, shoes and accessories to women veterans to help them recapture their confidence and self esteem post-trauma.  

Second, My success in the local business communities has come through the utilization of my media broadcasting profession, where I assist small businesses with promoting their brand to an international audience.  This monthly event called the “Invent Yourself” Business Networking & Marketing was created to market small businesses during hours of operation from select businesses to encourage networking amongst business owners, Veterans in Business & generate additional revenue for the hosting business, while at the same time providing attending customers and local listeners exposure to new brands.   This event has been a success for three years and running!

Finally,  “Artist Vibe Live” is about my commitment to the arts, where I provide a platform for working artist in a full video and broadcast production that gives the artist much needed exposure for their careers.  The finished productions and broadcast recordings are then provided to them at a reasonable cost for their marketing and branding purposes. These are just three of my successful business services.”

Lena Geronimo brings a great deal of experience and wisdom to Fields to Boardrooms which will be on sale in the first quarter of 2019.

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Fields to Boardrooms is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2019.

100% of the retail royalties will be donated to a non-profit organization. The contributors will also donate copies of the book to a veteran-focused non-profit.

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