Marvin & Gloria Smith, Authors of The Psychology of Credit, Improve Economy by Offering Free Copy of Upcoming Book.

Marvin and Gloria Smith are a husband-and-wife team who are co-authors as well as speakers and consultants for business and personal finance issues.  As authors of The Psychology of Credit:  Fix Your Credit Score and Be Able to Fund Your Dreams, they have helped many people improve their credit scores and find the success they seek.  Now, the couple is offering a free copy of their book through their website for a limited time.

The Psychology of Credit offers tried and tested methods to raise credit scores by understanding the principles that increase or lower these numbers.  The book offers a fresh look at understanding credit and will help readers take control of their own credit scores, whether they are seasoned consumers or new to the credit arena. Readers can learn new tricks of the trade, such as how to qualify for better interest rates and lower payments by fixing the little things that make a big difference on credit scores.

In the pages of The Psychology of Credit are topics such as understanding and reading a credit report; understanding credit scoring models; disputing negative items; maintaining good credit; establishing new credit; raising credit scores; settling with creditors; and understanding how inquiries impact scores. According to the authors, “It takes less time to fix your credit score than it took to mess it up.”  

For a limited time, readers can get a free copy of The Psychology of Credit, a $32 value, free by visiting the authors’ website at

About Marvin & Gloria Smith:  Marvin and Gloria Smith are co-authors of the book The Psychology of Credit as well as financial speakers and consultants.  They offer help for those who want to improve their credit scores and master the techniques necessary to secure funding for pursuing financial dreams, both professional and personal.


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