Master Esthetician, Business Coach and Bestselling Author Lana Ivanov Shares Her Success Secrets and Entrepreneurial Journey

My children see the work ethic and passion that we have, and they see that we started it from nothing, 2 bedroom apartment, $300 in our pocket and 10 basic words to communicate in English. Everything started from there- the determination to learn English, enrolment to business school, and opened our own business.

Now I am providing full-time job to my own daughter who is running her own business at my spa since she was 16. she is now 24 years old, are fully booked with clients 4 months in advance, We work together as a family. In the beginning I needed to build my confidence and strength to become a business woman I am today. I would never have accomplished that without my family support.

Now I’m a self-made millionaire, and CEO of my life and my own business, I am in control when I have my office hours, family time and my own personal time. Its very important to separate those three for a healthy mindset, healthy relationship and happy family.


Izdihar: What’s 1 key action that anybody can take today to move closer to their goals?

Lana: I am not sure if I can only recommend 1 Key action but everything starts with Courage and Self Believe. It starts with an IDEA and Courage to say Yes to yourself and remind yourself every day your WHY to keep yourself inspired.


Izdihar. Do you have any free gifts to offer?

Lana: Yes, we have gifts, to my beautiful passionate open minded aestheticians who joining  my coaching program/training  we giving my Free book Corporate Dropouts and Free spot on my TV show The Beauty queen interview.


Izdihar: How can people get in touch with you? 

Lana: Just visit my website:


Izdihar: What do your clients say are the best thing about working with you?

Lana: I have many amazing reviews on my website, FB and Instagram such as that I helped my spa clients with bringing their confidence back, they feel better about themselves, beautiful healthy glowing skin, perfect eyebrows for years, they feel beautiful and younger,

And my professional client’s who are aestheticians and spa business owners enjoy providing Lanas Facial technique to their clients who are very happy with the results they see. Their phone is ringing from referrals, their schedule is filling up faster and they selling now high-quality products to their clients that brings them more revenue a

They understand the right systems and steps how to run their business with less stress and be more productive and enjoy their passion. I truly take my clients business to my heart to bring as much value as possible. I wish I had someone like myself to help guide me step by step when I started my own spa business. Hence, I didn’t have to waste precious time figuring it out and learn from mistakes,

Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to help me 12 years ago, and I had to build from scratch fail many times. I almost closed my doors twice, and had to sell my family Jewelry to a pawn shop to cover rent and bills, but still found the courage to stay in business and kept going

That’s why I truly care about my client business, because I know statistics say 50% of spas closed their doors within first 2 years. It’s easy to open a business, but it’s not easy to grow and scale it to 6 figures. So now when my client hires me for their business, it becomes my business. When they become successful I become successful. I am so happy and proud now what I do and who I am and so humble and thankful for the gift God gave, I would never be able to do that with out his grace! 

Dr Izdihar Jamil

Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. is an international Media Expert and has been featured on FORBES, FOX TV, TED Ed, NBC, CBS, ABC, Marquis Who’s Who and hundreds of other media. She is also the #1 International Bestselling Author of “Yes I Can! She is an expert in helping Female Entrepreneurs to become the Top Authority in their field and get globally recognized in the media, major publications, TV and magazines.