Master Esthetician, Business Coach and Bestselling Author Lana Ivanov Shares Her Success Secrets and Entrepreneurial Journey


Lana Ivanov is a Spa Business Coach, CEO of Advanced Aesthetics Medi Spa and Founder of Vonavi Pro Advanced Formulations who is an expert in Advance Skincare, Technology  and Spa Business Scaling. She focuses on helping beauty Business owners to help them to grow their business 6 figure or more. In this interview, Lana Ivanov shares her inspiring journey, success secrets and key actions that you can learn from.


Izdihar: Who inspired you to start your business?

Lana: I always love any aspects of beauty, skin care and the practice self-care and self love. I’ve got to the point in my life where I worked for a few other people and helped them to grow their dreams and not mine. My husband always worked for himself and always see me come home overworked and stressed out. Some days I didn’t agree with how my previous boss run their business. He is the one who always pushes me to do more,  to go on my own, to follow my passion and not just a job. Life is to short to waste it from a regular  9 to 5 job and I should do something that I actually love. One day I got the courage and decide that today will be the DAY I start my dream!


Izdihar: What type of services or products do you offer?

Lana: In my own spa I offer Vonavi Pro my own formula skincare that I’ve developed in 2018. I also offer advance facial rejuvenation services, such as invasive and non-invasive facelift, Microcurrent facelift, Dermothecnology face and body lift, skin Infusions, Photo facials, Lasers, Microblading Artistry, Permanent Makeup, Body Contouring, Hair Restorations, and much more

Additinally, I offer advanced training and continued education, helping beauty business owners to grow their skills and scale business to 6 figures and more


Izdihar: What is the best part of being an Entrepreneur?

Lana: The Best part of being an entrepreneur is that I can constantly evolve and give myself a rase whenever I feel like it, and have my own lifestyle and freedom. I can embrace my creativity and teach others to be successful in their spa business.


Izdihar: What is the most challenging part about being an Entrepreneur?

Lana: Thechallenging part of being an entrepreneur is that my job never stops, and my mind is always active thinking “What is next? How to make it better, and how to keep keep my self motivated and inspired 24/7.


Izdihar: What are your biggest lessons about being an Entrepreneur?

Lana: The learning never stops. I’ve learned that I can’t worry what other people think of me. I need to have the courage to be myself and always strive for success. I have to be creative, get out of my comfort zone, and don’t let bad days and mistakes take me down.


Izdihar: How are you different from other Entrepreneurs in the same industry

Lana: I don’t really like to brag about myself but rather I like I let my work and professional reputation to speak for itself.  I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 12 years. I am providing very high quality of work that changes people lives. I book clients now a year in advance and we get recommendations from clients all the time.

I don’t do any Advertising to bring more clients and only have a website to be visible for clients to find me, to learn what I do and yet we have thousands of amazing reviews.

I truly invest my soul into my work, its not just a job for me, it’s My Passion! My mind never stops creating and evolving, I traveled all over the world to learn from the best aestheticians and doctors to learn about the best techniques, ingredients, and technology. Empowered with that knowledge, I would implement it in my business.

My primary responsibility as a business owner is to Lean, Do, Teach. I would first learn it myself. Then I would practice it to perfection and only then would I teach otheropen minded aestheticians and beauty business owners how to do the same. My goal is to help them to be the best in the industry, be successful how to provide high-quality services to their clients to help people with their skin health, see great results and bring people confidence back.

Not every aesthetician can be an educator and teach their technique or have their own skincare line developed. That’s what made me stand out and be different from others. I start teaching only after I’ve built my business to 6 figures and became an Award-winning Spa owner, and only then did I feel to be responsible to help other spas to grow, especially in this pandemic time many spas closing or barely making it pay of the rent.

I am highly motivated person that brings back enjoyment, reminding them about their passion, keeping them accountable and providing them with quality education to  truly be the best skincare expert to help their clients see the difference and love coming back every month.

Also many spa coaches only teach spa strategy which is important but no one is teaching actual mastery techniques to be the best spa. Strategy is important but if the provider is not providing high-quality services then clients are not going to stay for long. They will go other places. That’s what makes me different, I teach quality series of services, technology, advanced facials, and blue print to a Dream Spa!


Dr. Izdihar Jamil

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