Media Expert and #1 International Bestselling Author Dr Izdihar Jamil Launches Spotlight Female Entrepreneurs Magazine

Dr. Jamil has always been a woman of vision. She is an immigrant, hijab wearing Muslim entrepreneur running a successful business in America, despite coming from a marginalized community with English as her second language.

As a mother and with a sound business sense  and media expertise, she understands the struggles women face to follow their dreams and balance their ideal lifestyles. With this exclusive magazine, Dr. Jamil offers women a strong and confident voice without preconceptions. 

Women from every background share their stories in business, lifestyle, cooking, and relationships. Being able to share these pieces of knowledge and connect with like-minded women is a pick-me-up that everyone deserves!

“My team and I as well as our high profile contributors have put our hearts and souls into this project so that women can have a strong and confident voice.” Dr Izdihar Jamil.

This #1 go-to magazine is an inspiration to female entrepreneurs and professionals around the globe. Manifest your vision through the knowledge and experience gained by reading inspiring real-life stories from women of every color with various levels of expertise.

“I can’t put down the magazine. Very useful info!”  Najmunnisa Abdul Kader, Entrepreneur and Women’s Voice Catalyst

Whether you want to start a business or are already a seasoned expert, learn from the stories, challenges, experiences, and lifestyles in business, family, food, travel, relationships, and more. This valuable resource guides you through the ups and downs of your personal and professional lifestyle. Don’t just survive, work to thrive every step of the way.

“If you have a dream, tell yourself ‘yes I can’ and so it is done.” Dr Izdihar Jamil on her advice for women around the world.

Featuring 18 women sharing their stories, secrets and wisdom:

  • Dr Izdihar Jamil- Controversial Confession
  • Juliette Karaman-van Schaardenberg- Creating Meaningful Intimacy
  • Nor Suhir- Multiple Strokes To Sustainable Business
  • Vandee Flake- Tips To Be A Mompreneur
  • Jessica Fox- Bankrupt To 6-Figures
  • Hany Hanana- Decluttering Tips
  • Razia Naqvi-Jukes- Entrepreneur Spotlight
  • Connie Benjamin- Why Your Story Is Needed
  • Luana Ribeira- Benefits of Positive PR
  • Michelle Mehta- TEDx Tips
  • Madison Marshall- Redefining Birth
  • Des Denysshen- Tips To Handle Depression
  • Linda Morisson- 7 Figure Business
  • Deb Rosman- Easy Recipe
  • Dr Valerie Farino- My “AHA” Moment
  • Bianca Barratt-  Formidabile Female Founders
  • Andrea Lyon- Mindset Over Matter
  • Elizabeth King – 7 Foods To Boost Fertility

The Spotlight Female Entrepreneurs Magazine is available >>here<< for more information.

About Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D.

Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. is a computer scientist turned business owner. She is an influential trailblazer and an inspirational leader in helping female entrepreneurs to be the #1 Go-To Expert in their fields. She’s a #1 Bestselling Author of “It Is Done!” and was featured on FORBES, FOX TV and TED Ed. 

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The Summer 2021 Edition is now available for purchase both on Digital and Printed publication format. In the printed format, you will own a copy signed by Dr. Jamil herself- limited copies available!


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