Merrit Strunk, President of Momentum Financial and Insurance Services, Interviewed on Podcast About His Book “Your Retirement (UN)Broken”

Merrit Strunk discusses his book which advises on working towards a retirement that works for you. The largest transition to retirement in U.S. history is happening right now and it’s critical to make decisions that will lead to a retirement that works for you.

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Merrit says: “The disturbing reality is that for many Americans, their Retirement may already be broken if they don’t make the needed critical changes now. This book’s mission is to sound the wake-up call to Americans and to equip aspiring investors, Pre-retirees, and Retirees on what they currently may not know and to help them act now to (UN)Break their retirements. The need for this information has never been more important with the long list of pressures that are currently bearing down on the US economy, Investors, Pre-Retirees and Retirees. Merrit goes on to say, “You are potentially just one decision away from changing your financial future and capturing the momentum you need to create a financial outcome you’ve worked hard for.”

Merrit is the author of the book “Your Retirement (UN)Broken: Your Retirement May Be Broken…You Just Don’t Know It – Yet”, in which he offers inspirational advice on how to enjoy life to its fullest. This insightful book teaches the four reasons why so many people retire broke and stressed and how to change the future of retirement.

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About Merrit Strunk

Merrit is an Investment Adviser and Certified Financial Fiduciary™ (CFF). He has been a business leader all his life and is the creator of the “Momentum LifeYield Process.” He has also traveled around the world speaking on Business, Marketing, Financial and Personal Achievement. Merrit has always been passionate about financial planning. This is precisely why he started Momentum. Merrit is proud to be a fiduciary and the role he plays in helping his clients work towards better financial outcomes.

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