Millionaire Money Coach Fatima Omar Khamissa, Creates a Powerful Free 5-Day Immersion Retreat For High Impact Coaches

Best-selling author and millionaire money coach Fatima Omar Khamissa creates an unforgettable experience for high-impact coaches and female visionary leaders. On Monday, May 23, the ambitious mom-of-five presents a five day immersion retreat,  Dare To Dream Like A Queen.

Dare To Dream Like A Queen promises to teach coaches and consultants the exact process to step into a new realm of wealth consciousness and spiritual client attraction with freedom and ease.

When asked about why she created this free five day retreat, Omar Khamissa said “there’s never been a better time for women to step into their role as visionary leaders, raise their fees without feeling guilty, and understand the power of wealth consciousness so they can have freedom and choices. I believe my purpose in life is to bring this knowledge to women. It’s time for all women to become millionaires, because when soulful women have money, the world becomes a better place”.

Dare To Dream Like A Queen 5 Day Immersion Retreat will teach coaches how to ignite the dream inside them, understand the paradigms that are unconsciously running them, and how to create massive quantum leaps using up-to-date and relevant marketing methodologies. The retreat will also cover how to use the Carl Jung archetypes to attract soul-aligned clients, identifying the gaps in your business and filling it, and designing the life they deserve with freedom and ease.


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