Mokha Bunn Specialty Coffee Introduces Rare, Yemeni Beans with Ancient Traditions, a World-Class Taste and the Comfort of an Extraordinary Cup of Coffee.

Picture this…the impeccable taste of the finest organic coffees from Yemen’s Arabian Peninsula delivering the most satisfying aromas and feel of comfort and relaxation are now available for the millions of Canadian coffee enthusiasts, roasters, and corporate entities to enjoy. With world-class taste and the utmost in quality, Mokha Bunn is the first company to establish a direct line between Yemeni coffee producers and South American consumers, and they are now the first Canadian coffee roastery and company with sustainable, distinctive, and robust seasonal Yemeni specialty coffees that are from farm to doorstep. It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

The name Mokha Bunn originated from “Al-Mokha” a city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen and the only marketplace from the 15th century through the early 18th that exported coffee worldwide, and “Bunn” which in Arabic means coffee cherry, coffee beans, or ground coffee and was the first name coffee was known by in Arab culture for more than 800 years. The name has become as perfect of a blend as their varieties of coffee. 

Mokha Bunn, founded by Mustafa, a proud Yemeni with great admiration for his country and a deep love for the lasting aroma of roasting coffee. In the last few years, as the political conflict had arisen in Yemen, it drew attention to the country but in a negative light. Mustafa yearned to bring back positivity and as he contemplated happier times, he recalled how the one thing that brought both tourists and natives together, and provided a sense of contentment, and enjoyment of Yemeni history, was coffee! This was a turning point in his life and what sparked his journey to create the Mokha Bunn brand. 

Jihad, a Yemeni Canadian woman living in Canada and an avid coffee drinker had difficulty finding genuine Yemini coffees in Canada. Much to her surprise, she learned that many others in Canada were looking for a better quality Yemeni coffee as well. Jihad had searched for Yemeni coffees but never found a true version, only ones that slightly resembled what she had grown up to love. As she researched further, with an interest in sharing this delightful brew with friends and loved ones, Jihad discovered a company that was focusing on selling the real deal! After many meetings, and the realization that they had the same goal of sharing Yemeni coffees with the world, Jihad and Mustafa became partners and today share their passion for everything relating to coffee from roasting, cupping, packaging, and delivering so that individuals everywhere can enjoy it too!

After the remarkable success, Mokha Bunn had in South America when their coffee scored first place in the 2019 Chilean Brewers Cup Championship they decided to expand to North America. In North America their mission has been to share the unique experience with everyone by only importing unique, exceptional, fully traceable, naturally and organically processed micro-lot coffees, and then roast them in Canada to ensure the best quality.

What makes Yemeni coffee so special is the traditional process that farmers have used for hundreds of years, in combination with the innovation of specialty coffee,  which keeps the original characteristics of coffee just as they are. They hand-pick ripe cherries, the fruit of the coffee tree with each cherry containing two coffee beans, at their peak during harvest. Farmers then use a floating process to eliminate any defective cherries and then spread them out under the sun on raised beds to dry naturally. This process can last between 16-22 days and leads to an intense explosion of fruity notes. The next step involves the dried cherries going into a hulling machine to separate the husk from the beans, they are then sorted, packed, and shipped to Canada.  

Mokha Bunn guarantees uniqueness by combining the tradition of Yemeni coffee culture with today’s modernization of specialty coffees. Due to many factors, including the dry climate and elevation of Yemen, all of the Mokha Bunn coffees require professional treatment to deliver the best quality coffees. Harvests, and each additional part of the process such as drying, hulling, hand-sorting, packing, and exporting, are supervised and controlled from start to finish, and once in Canada the profiling and roasting procedures begin with the ultimate goal of delivering the finest in coffees and quality.

Mokha Bunn doesn’t just deliver unique flavor and quality coffee. They are truly second to none and serve the world with the most magnificent aromas and a vast array of flavors with complex, sweet, chocolatey, spicy, and fruity notes that are smooth and pleasant. They offer an ancient tradition that provides a remarkable experience for every coffee enthusiast who chooses to enjoy a cup of Mokha Bunn. 



Mokha Bunn is the first Canadian coffee roastery & company that helps coffee enthusiasts, roasters, and corporate entities to get easy access to extraordinary, sustainable, and delicious Yemeni specialty coffee micro-lots by maintaining a fair and a direct trade practice throughout the process from farm to doorstep.


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