Mokha Bunn Specialty Coffee Introduces Rare, Yemeni Beans with Ancient Traditions, a World-Class Taste and the Comfort of an Extraordinary Cup of Coffee.

Picture this…the impeccable taste of the finest organic coffees from Yemen’s Arabian Peninsula delivering the most satisfying aromas and feel of comfort and relaxation are now available for the millions of Canadian coffee enthusiasts, roasters, and corporate entities to enjoy. With world-class taste and the utmost in quality, Mokha Bunn is the first company to establish a direct line between Yemeni coffee producers and South American consumers, and they are now the first Canadian coffee roastery and company with sustainable, distinctive, and robust seasonal Yemeni specialty coffees that are from farm to doorstep. It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

The name Mokha Bunn originated from “Al-Mokha” a city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen and the only marketplace from the 15th century through the early 18th that exported coffee worldwide, and “Bunn” which in Arabic means coffee cherry, coffee beans, or ground coffee and was the first name coffee was known by in Arab culture for more than 800 years. The name has become as perfect of a blend as their varieties of coffee. 


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