MT2 Firing Range Services Taught Webinar for the NRA Titled: “Critical Shooting Range Operational and Waste Management Requirements.”

MT2 Firing Range Services Taught Webinar for the NRA Titled: “Critical Shooting Range Operational and Waste Management Requirements.”
The NRA is committed to providing assistance to its affiliated clubs and ranges across the country. The NRA Clubs & Associations Department provides services and assistance to a network of over 15,000 NRA affiliated clubs, associations, and businesses. Through their NRA Explore program, shooting ranges can learn from one-hour webinar sessions that will provide information on how NRA can help with everything essential to club operation.

When Son Nguyen, NRA National Manager of Range Services and Eric Whitescarver, NRA Range Technical Team Leader began hearing a recurring theme from their range members about lead maintenance, they turned to MT2 to help. “So many of the ranges we assist are dealing specifically with lead waste management, teaching them how to be responsible about lead will save some of these facilities in the future.” Whitescarver commented. “We see MT2 as the go-to industry leader for firing range services and have asked them to bring their Team on a one-hour webinar to teach this important topic.”

As part of their Firing Range Safety and Lead Management Thought Leadership Series for Law Enforcement, Municipal, and Private ranges, MT2 Firing Range Services presented an educational webinar focused on helping firing range owners and managers who face the problem of understanding the complex compliance requirements to adhere to OSHA regulations and US EPA/State environmental requirements for lead management. The confusion of how to be safe as well as how to comply with the many regulations, poses a large issue with most owners and managers of firing ranges.

Issues with lead contamination at firing ranges is consistently in the news, “We are proud to come alongside the NRA in their effort to educate the firing range community on lead maintenance safety and compliance,” stated James M. Barthel, MT2 CEO. “We have assembled our MT2 experts, a former OSHA inspector and current firing range consultant and a 20-year veteran of nationwide lead management and RCRA compliance expert who, through MT2, has a track record on over 1,000 ranges to conduct this webinar.”

Topics covered:

OSHA Program Requirements and how to prepare for an inspection.

  • OSHA overview (authority and requirements)
  • Lead Management Protections for personnel and record keeping
  • Noise monitoring and management
  • Preparing for a possible OSHA visit
  • Review of prior OSHA range actions – what can we learn?

Lead Management Best Practices and how to comply with US EPA RCRA and State requirements

  • US EPA and State RCRA authority review
  • Turnkey range waste generation lifecycle
  • Requirements if Small Quantity Generator
  • Management of recyclable lead
  • Hazardous vs Non-Hazardous range wastes
  • Daily/weekly/ cleaning tasks to follow in between annual range maintenance

Gun range owners and managers interested in this free event can register here

About NRA:

From educational resources and on-site range assistance, to grants and marketing, the NRA offers a variety of ways to support public and private ranges across the country. With a growing number of people interested in the shooting sports, learn more about how the NRA helps range owners and operators ensure that their members and customers have a safe and convenient place to shoot and exercise their Second Amendment rights.

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About MT2:

MT2 is recognized as the largest nationwide firing range services contractor having served over 3,000 ranges in the past 20 years. As the nation’s #1 range support firm, MT2 specializes in safety and environmental assessment, consulting services, lead reclamation, range and bullet trap installations, maintenance cleaning, renovations and improvements, lead-waste management, construction and construction management of new ranges.

As the only firing range services provider with full nationwide operations, MT2 operates from our network of regional offices offering full 50 state coverage.  MT2 guarantees to pay the highest percent of LME lead value.  They are sought after industry-wide to advise top commercial ranges as well as federal and state organizations on structuring their range to achieve safe, compliant best management operations.


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