New Anthology Book “Betrayal By The Billions” Challenges The Standards of Teaching Available To The Beauty Industry & Hints At Changing Ethics

Written by leading industry insiders to challenge the standards of the $571.1 billion beauty industry, this book tackles the common struggles of clients who are often left with more questions than answers when it comes to reaching their skin health goals.

Valeri was inspired to produce this book after consulting with many clients who repeatedly expressed their frustrations despite the multitude of products and services available. Most experienced minimal if any results.

The authors of this book are highly experienced in many areas of this industry, offering honest experiences and expertise that is typically kept silent. They believe in educating clients about their own health and refuse to conform to the mainstream beauty industry’s approach, instead choosing to unapologetically take a different approach.

“Healthy skin doesn’t come in a bottle or syringe and wellness doesn’t come in the form of a pill. Both come from how and what we feed our body, mind, and spirit. To expect a one size fits all approach to healthy skin and a healthy body is a great way to set practitioners and patients up for disappointment and failure. It’s time we stop believing all the hype and recognize that the body does not work on trends and one size definitely does not fit all. Marketing to young girls has become brutal, and the target ages keep getting younger. This type of peer pressure is devastating, and I refuse to stay quiet about it.” – Michelle Valeri

Some of the authors contributing their insights to this book include:
(Content Editor & Coauthor) Michelle Valeri, of McKinney, Texas, is a Chinese medicine consultant, speaker, and founder of Holistic Dermal Professionals. With 3 decades of allopathic, holistic, and Daoist Chinese medicine education and experience she’s committed to training her patients, wellness focused Estheticians, and Chiropractic physicians with the sacred healing arts from her authentic Masters.

Jessica Barnhart has served her clients in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area for almost 30 years, providing state-of-the-art beauty services with a Chinese medicine approach and choosing safe holistic products. Jessica is forward-thinking and always looking at expanding services to provide clients with opportunities to access total body wellness.

Zoe Quindazzi is a Skin Health Queen, dedicated to treating Acne, Rosacea and Proaging, in person or virtually. Her mission is to treat the source of skin concerns with manageable personalized whole health solutions for internal wellness, skincare and treatments. Inspiring YOU to look and feel Amazing.

Susan Wade combined over 30 years of experience in Kinesiology, nutrition and aesthetics to launch her functional medicine business. Frustrated by her unresolved health conditions, Susan became fascinated by the connectivity of the gut, stress, skin and overall health and is enthusiastically educating others how to regain control of their health.

Summer Serrano is the owner of Sassy Face KC and Kansas City’s one & only esthetician implementing true corneotherapy. Her primary goal is to educate anyone with an epidermis, that balance & health can be restored without aggressive services. She specializes in age management, acne prone skin & natural brow design via waxing.

Diane Mack is a licensed and oncology certified esthetician, licensed instructor, and entrepreneur. Diane’s mission is to bring grace and beauty to clients, to educate her clients on how the skin reflects overall health through holistic methods, and to use noninvasive treatments allowing inner beauty to shine through.

Jessica Sailer is an Integrative Esthetician that believes in utilizing the skin as a discovery tool to further assess and analyze the root issue behind your concerns. Her intention is to help you cultivate a purposeful relationship to your skin. She specializes in chronic dryness and healing stubborn skin conditions.

Christy Whitworth, Aesthetician. She studied Facial Reflexology, Gua Sha, Facial Cupping, and Food Therapy & Body Typing. She is taking Massage therapy at Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies. She is passionate about holistic health and wellness, and is continually building her portfolio with continued education in this realm of the industry.

Sonia Wagner is a Holistic Aesthetician, Hairstylist, Yoga Instructor and Soul Fulfillment Guide serving women who secretly crave nurturing self-care rituals. Giving them the tools to welcome more love and connection into their daily lives through her self-care guides, treatments and subscription boxes! Feel good now at:

Naaz Rasheed is an experienced Holistic Skin Therapist. She believes that all external skin problems are intrinsically connected to the gut. She is an expert in the use of crystals, essential oils and sound healing therapies with unique custom protocols, for care and relief from physical and emotional ailments.


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