New Book by Jayne McQuillan Titled “The Value Journey” on Amazon Flash Sale

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Business owners, it’s time to change your perspective on exit planning! Instead of thinking about your exit as the last step in your journey as a business owner, expert business coach and Certified Exit Planning Advisor Jayne McQuillan challenges you to view it as an essential way of doing business.

With a wealth of experience working with privately held and family business owners and as an entrepreneur, Jayne understands the unique pressures, risks, and challenges you face leading your company. She wrote “The Value Journey” as a cautionary tale, sharing real-life stories about the devastating consequences of unplanned and unprepared exits and as a “how-to” guide for business owners who want to exit successfully.

By implementing the strategies and principles outlined in “The Value Journey,” you’ll build a more valuable business that generates financial gains and personal flexibility today while positioning you and your business to exit on your own terms.

“The Value Journey” offers a roadmap that will help you increase profitability, ignite scalable growth, create a business that can run without you, position you and your business to have options for exit, understand how financial acumen and data-driven decisions impact value, navigate the unique challenges of family business transitions, prepare for your next chapter personally and financially so you can exit without regret, and provide you peace of mind that comes with knowing your family, employees, customers, and suppliers are well cared for in the event of the unexpected.

“The key to The Value Journey is understanding that strategic value creation and planning for your exit go hand in hand. I’ve written this book to educate and equip business owners with the essential information and strategies they need to build a more valuable business and help them plan for a successful transition when the time comes,” says Jayne McQuillan, author of “The Value Journey.”

“When a business owner either starts or buys a business, they are focused on ensuring the business survives day to day….However, if the owner is looking to build long-term value, there are several stages they need to go through to create a transferable business that can run without them. This is called “The Value Journey.”

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About Jayne McQuillan: “Helping owners who have pursued their dreams by taking the risks, both personally and financially, drives my passion,” says Jayne McQuillan, founder of Journey Consulting. A Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), CPA, and MBA, Jayne has 30+ years of expertise in succession and transition planning, strategic planning, organizational development, budgeting and business planning, and leadership development.

Her firm’s comprehensive approach addresses the business, personal, and financial aspects to achieve strategic outcomes for family-owned and privately held businesses. Jayne and her team work with business owners to create profit growth and value acceleration through the Value Journey™ process, doubling profits, creating a business that can run without the owner, and adding millions of dollars of business value.

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