New Book by Peggy R. Hoyt Titled “101 Ways to Mess up Your Estate” Available on Amazon and Other Booksellers

Peggy R. Hoyt is a lifelong animal advocate, pet mom, author, and attorney.

When asked about her book title, Peggy explained, “I hope you don’t take offense to the title of the book. I needed to be blunt to get your immediate attention. I trust I have. I hope you will enjoy your journey through the book and come away with some valuable tips that will save you (and your family) from experiencing a costly mistake that could have been easily avoided.”

When asked why she wrote the book, Peggy stated, “It’s because I’ve spent most of the last half-century shaking my head at the devastating things people do when it comes to one of the most important planning arenas in their life.”

When asked about the examples in the book, Peggy shared, “Most of the events described in this book could have been avoided with three legal documents – a Last Will, a Durable Financial Power of Attorney, and/or a Prenuptial Agreement; along with a strong relationship with a legal professional they know and trust.”


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