New Podcast Shares Inspiring Stories of People Whose Lives Have Been Changed by Hypnotherapy

A new podcast has been launched where people whose lives have been transformed by hypnotherapy share their inspirational stories.

Transform & Thrive is the creation of Rachel Claire Farnsworth, a transformational life changer who have developed her own advanced hypnotherapy method, known as the Quantum Soul Technique. In the podcast, Rachel talks to people she has worked with and interviews them about what their life used to be like and how things have changed.

The 54-year-old, from Mansfield, decided to create the podcast to show people what can be achieved using hypnotherapy. The first eight episodes are available now on Rachel’s website, as well as on YouTube and Spotify.

Rachel said: “My clients have written testimonials in the past, but this is so much more powerful. Each episode is a natural conversation and we talk about what the issue was, how we dealt with it and what life is like now.

“The people I have worked with have had such amazing shifts and it has been wonderful to go back and hear about how they are doing now and how life has changed for them. Some of the stories move me to tears of joy and reminds me why I do what I do.”

The first set of episodes covers a range of issues that have been resolved using Rachel’s methods, including depression, alcohol addiction and arthritic pain.

One of the shows in particular means a lot to Rachel as the guest is one of the first clients she worked with back in April 2019. Tina had severe PTSD and was so anxious she could barely leave the house or even open her curtains.

During a single session, Rachel found that the root cause of Tina’s PTSD was a traumatic incident in her childhood when she was threatened at knifepoint at the age of six. Once they had identified the reason for her anxiety, Rachel was able to help her release the emotional pain which was being stored in her subconscious mind.

Rachel says: “The subconscious mind controls 95% of what we do and it is where emotions and memories are stored. The subconscious is very powerful, but it isn’t logical so when I work with people, we bring those memories and emotions to the conscious mind so they can review and release them.”

In Tina’s podcast episode, she talks about how her life was transformed and how she now has a new lease of life working as a landscape gardener.

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