Nic McLeod, Wealth Preservation Specialist, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Asset Allocation Design for Retirement

Nic McLeod discusses asset allocation.

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Nicolas J. McLeod accentuates the importance of investing in safer and higher-yield tools in the current high-interest-rate environment. To prepare for potential market downturns, Nicolas suggests individuals should pay attention to the 60% of their investments that are exposed to volatility. He also mentions that major banks such as Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, and Goldman Sachs have started replacing bonds in their 60/40 portfolios with alternative tools that offer safer and higher yields. This strategy is significant as it not only mitigates risk but also smooths out volatility patterns, putting clients on a positive growth trajectory instead of a stagnant or negative one. The effectiveness of these alternative tools is demonstrated by their long-term use by major banks, pensions, endowments, and hospital systems to manage general account money. Overall, Nicolas’s message revolves around the importance of investing in safer and higher yield tools in the current high-interest rate environment to ensure financial stability and growth.

In this episode, Mike Saunders and Nicolas J. McLeod discuss the lengthening distribution phase of retirement due to people living longer and taking better care of themselves. They highlight that individuals are prioritizing their health, mentally, spiritually, and physically, engaging in more exercise and adopting better eating habits, leading to longer lifespans. They emphasize that the distribution phase of retirement is now longer compared to the past.

To address this, Nicolas explains implementing strategies in the asset allocation design to ensure clients do not outlive their money. He mentions his ability to anticipate the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increase six to seven months in advance, allowing him to plan ahead, mitigate risk, smooth out volatility patterns, and put clients on a positive growth trajectory. This approach is crucial in ensuring financial security throughout the extended distribution phase of retirement.

McLeod discusses his belief in taking an educational approach to financial advising, drawing from his own experiences and mistakes in the industry over the past 20 years. He acknowledges making poor choices in his youth and learning from those mistakes. Nicolas McLeod underlines that with age and wisdom comes failure, and it is important to learn from these failures to grow and improve.

Nicolas shared: “We at NJM Wealth Preservation have spent nearly 20 years listening, learning, and crafting a team of individuals with a vast array of experience and professional designations. This has allowed us to focus on our client’s goals, concerns, red flags, and comprehensive planning both fiscally as well as matter of the heart. Receiving our client’s lifetime of hard work and experience that has manifested as their retirement dollars is not something we take lightly! Careful attention to detail is key in this economic environment, swirling with uncertainty, to allow our clients to build their ideal portfolio, control their tax liabilities and provide peace and comfort long term.  We bridge the gap between the Accumulation and Distribution phase planning. We simply take over where most firms lack the knowledge to begin.  Allowing our clients’ portfolios to last as long as they do and into the next generations with confidence.”


About Nic McLeod

Nicolas (Nic) J. McLeod is a man of determination and grit.  No matter if he’s spending time with his wife and kids, creating music, honing his body-building skills, or helping the many families he now calls “friends” find the best ways for them to preserve their wealth and build their retirement savings—he brings a high level of intensity and passion to whatever he’s doing in any given moment.

Nic is a second-generation Wealth Preservation specialist. He grew up watching his dad help families in the community with their financial needs. It impacted him at an early age, and it has now been over forty years since his father first started his practice in 1982. In 2005, Nic decided to launch his firm and now has helped nearly 1000 families spread across the nation who have entrusted him with their financial well-being. Nic’s client base is diverse in both their professional backgrounds & financial needs. No matter who he is working with, his number one job is to protect and preserve their wealth and retirement savings. 

Nic proudly owns a record free of any consumer complaints. This is a direct result of the core values at McLeod Consulting Group. As Nic says, “As fiduciaries, our job is to foster a relationship of trust, both legally and ethically. This is what drives us, so our client’s best interests are always first. But we take it to the next level and make sure that all of the work we do is transparent to both our clients and the financial companies we work with. Many of our clients have become like family, and we could not be more thankful for them. We look forward to inviting you to experience how our team can help you successfully navigate the years leading up to your retirement as well as continue to prosper financially, emotionally, and spiritually throughout your retirement years.”


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