Nic McLeod, Wealth Preservation Specialist, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing The Importance of Controlling Risk in Wealth Preservation

Nic McLeod discusses wealth preservation.

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Nicolas (Nic) J. McLeod, Owner, and Operator of NJM Wealth Preservation Strategies, is a second-generation Wealth Preservation Specialist and trusted Fiduciary who has now helped 1000’s families across the nation who have entrusted him with their financial well-being.

Nic and his team of financial professionals customize clients’ financial strategies to minimize potential risks, protect against unforeseen events, and help ensure the long-term viability of their assets. These strategies often include diversification, tax management, risk management, and estate planning, among other tactics such as utilizing bonds and treasuries.

In order to achieve his client’s unique goals, Nic emphasizes the importance of building a strong and diverse team, relying on expertise and knowledge, “It’s not about one person’s win; it’s about the collective power of a team sharing, learning, and growing together.” NJM’s talent pool of experienced advisors is a testament to Nic’s conviction: that a diverse skill set and a wealth of experience are the cornerstones of unmatched capability.

From record-high interest rates and the national debt ceiling to the ripple effect of this year’s bank collapses and recession threats, to help ensure his clients’ success, Nic McLeod stresses the significance of researching and understanding the implications of the economy – and what clients can do to help prepare themselves (and their wealth) for whatever the future brings. He urges listeners to exercise prudence and conservatism, as they anticipate an inevitable financial storm.

He explains that due to the recent volatile economy, wealth preservation has never been more important, “One of the biggest risks of market fluctuations is that they can have a significant impact on your retirement savings. If the stock market experiences a downturn and your investments lose value, your retirement savings could be significantly impacted.”

McLeod asserts that setting interest rates too high can lead to potential further significant failures for banks, as the value of the paper they purchased in the past diminishes in a higher interest rate environment. This highlights the importance of the direct relationship between interest rates and investment value. Listeners are encouraged to protect their wealth during market fluctuations through risk management, diversifying portfolios, maintaining a cash reserve, and working with an experienced Wealth Preservation Specialist.

By combining personal research and entrusting NJM’s knowledge & expertise in wealth preservation, retirees and those approaching retirement can make more informed decisions to help protect their investments in the face of potential financial challenges.

Nic concluded: “We at NJM Wealth Preservation Strategies have spent nearly 20 years listening, learning, and crafting a team of experienced, talented, and trusted individuals. This has allowed us to focus on our client’s goals, concerns, red flags, and comprehensive planning. Receiving our clients’ lifetime of hard work that has manifested as their retirement dollars is not something we take lightly! In this uncertain economic environment, we aim to bridge the gap between the Accumulation and Distribution phase planning through decades of experience and careful attention to detail. This in turn allows our clients to build their ideal portfolio, control their tax liabilities and provide peace and comfort long term.  We simply take over where most firms lack the knowledge to begin, allowing our clients’ portfolios to last as long as they do and secure their legacy as well as the future generations with confidence.”

About Nic McLeod

Nicolas (Nic) J. McLeod is a man of determination and grit.  No matter if he’s spending time with his wife and kids, creating music or helping the many families he now calls “friends” find the best ways for them to preserve their wealth and build their retirement savings—he brings a high level of intensity and passion to whatever he’s doing in any given moment.

Nic is a second-generation Wealth Preservation specialist. He grew up watching his dad help families in the community with their financial needs. It impacted him at an early age, and it has now been over forty years since his father first started his practice in 1982. In 2005, Nic decided to launch his own firm. He now has 1000’s of families spread across the nation who have entrusted him with their financial wellbeing. Nic’s client base is diverse in both their professional backgrounds & financial needs. No matter who he is working with, his number one job is to protect and preserve their wealth and retirement savings.


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